Saturday, December 1, 2012

Words I say that make people go, "Huh?"


"I've always had a rather extensive vocabulary." -Uh Huh, Little Rascals
But seriously... I HAVE always had a rather extensive vocabulary. So much so, that when I attempted cursing at a young age, my mom put the kibosh on that ASAP. (Kibosh- noun: Put an end to; dispose of decisively) I then made up my own "curse words", which include: quinker, flobee, pookie shookie.
Definition? My brother, most of the time. Ha! (Sorry, Lance)

You have permission to use those words in your day-to-day conversations but keep in mind, I want credit for my creativity.

This list is not all inclusive but for today - - - 
Harajuku- Harajuku in the West has come to mean a certain fashion style associated with youth culture. It is also most popularly known as a clothing brand created by pop star Gwen Stefani. Though these are its most popular assocations, there is much more to Harajuku. It is also home to a major train station and near the sites of several shrines and other attractions. 

My Little Harajuku Girl 

Gwen and her Harjuku Girls
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

 kawaii - super cute, adorable-in Japanese
Hello Kitty is the epitome of kawaii. 

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

kitschy- 1. something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality 2. tacky or lowbrow quality or condition kitsch
 When I use kitsch- I rarely mean it negatively, although the definition sound like it's got a negative connotation. 

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I actually have my own framed version of this kitsch cutie. 

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

flubbed up - made a mistake 

Get your fashion on- and use your words!


Jess said...

Oh I love kitschy things! It's definitely my favorite of all of them you posted. :3

Lauren Sebestyen said...

Love it! I always say words and people look at me like I have 20 heads (especially my boyfriend) so now that I know it happens to you, I don't feel so alone!

Jana Faith said...

lol- I'm glad it happens to others! It happens often enough that sometimes I think I'm the oddball. But nah, we're the normal ones. ;o)

Jana Faith said...

One of my best friends said I'm kind of like an "old lady" because I like so much old stuff. I'll have to teach her the word "kitschy" so it sounds better than being 'old'. Haha.

crayolajennie said...

I'll help you with some of your other words... per snickity, snarky. Gosh, I know there are more Jana words! Maybe I'll think of them by the next vocabulary post. :D

Herry said...

I love fashion style of Harajuku girls

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