Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashionably late...

It seems like it's been forever since I've shopped for the sake of shopping... I need to make a mall run soon. Even a thrift junket would be fruitful at this point... The beatiful snow needs to evaporate, melt, disappear, [insert synonym here]. Plus, being ill hasn't really given me much motivation to shop. Anyway, here are my recent thoughts:

*said in a high pitched emphatic voice*
Why?! Really? Reeeeallly?! There are some trends no matter how "popular" , "trendy" or "comfortable" they are I can not jump on board with. I have to remain true to myself and my sense of what is cute. For the love of pete!!!

For example all the Hollywood starlets jumped on board the bootie train... and quickly I might add! Those blasted eye-sores were wearing on me and grating on me for months before I finally decided a select few of those could be considered semi-cute. Once I finally got a pair they hurt my feet like a mug! Still cute but not worth the pain!

Another item I can't quite fall in love with is those harem pants. I think to rock the look you have to either a) be very thin or b) extremely tall... Some people can pull it off, but I really can't bring myself too it. Plus, good news for me, it looks like those may not have caught on.

I know, I know, I KNOW there are lots of people who really enjoy a certain brand/style of shoes out there. I am thinking of 2 specific types of shoes... I've decided for the sake of certain friendships these shoes will remain nameless. I will describe them for you as follows:

-Let me tell you, the first ones just won't die! They are freaking ev-uh-ree where! Knock-offs are in abundance. For crying out loud, you can purchase these monstrosities anywhere from "shi-shi" stores in the mall to your local grocery store. No lie. They're everywhere and everyone who wears them claim they're the 'most comfortable' shoes. Let me say this; nearly all my shoes are comfortable AND fashionable. That's all about those.
- The second shoes: Well, they're much better to look at than the first and there aren't nearly as many knockoffs to my knowledge. I just don't like them. They are named after some guy and their website claims the shoes to be semi-ecologically friendly. So kudos to them! Either way, their shapeless canvas and flat sole CAN'T possibly be good for foot health.

So here's my point:
I choose to be "fashionably late" to trends I don't agree with. If you've read this far...I probably sound like I just vented a bunch. I probably did. Be true to yourself. If you like booties, harem pants, and figured out which shoes I'm talking about...stay true to yourself and don't let this fashionista change your mind.

~ Get your fashion on ~
<3 Jana Faith
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