Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My "Day Job"...

In 'real life' I'm a teacher of first grade darlings. A lot of them don't understand my clothing concepts. Which is okay... it keeps me happy and entertained.

11/15/2010- Monday's outfit:
-Student:"Why are you wearing a skirt over your pants?" Miss Groenewold:"Because it's see through and if I didn't have on pants under it you could see my legs and that'd be gross". Student: *quizzical look on face and walks on*

11/17/2010 - Wednesday's outfit:
- "Ilikeyourshirt! Ilikeyourvestyshirthingy! Ilikeyourclothes! You dress like a model!!!"

-"You look like you skinned a polar bear."

-"You look like an eskimo."
Fuzzy Vest and Jewelry

- "Can I please touch your jacket,... shirt...thing?"
Fuzzy Vest

Remember, every day is your runway.... what are you showing?
~Get your fashion on~
<3 Jana Faith
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