Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashionably late...

It seems like it's been forever since I've shopped for the sake of shopping... I need to make a mall run soon. Even a thrift junket would be fruitful at this point... The beatiful snow needs to evaporate, melt, disappear, [insert synonym here]. Plus, being ill hasn't really given me much motivation to shop. Anyway, here are my recent thoughts:

*said in a high pitched emphatic voice*
Why?! Really? Reeeeallly?! There are some trends no matter how "popular" , "trendy" or "comfortable" they are I can not jump on board with. I have to remain true to myself and my sense of what is cute. For the love of pete!!!

For example all the Hollywood starlets jumped on board the bootie train... and quickly I might add! Those blasted eye-sores were wearing on me and grating on me for months before I finally decided a select few of those could be considered semi-cute. Once I finally got a pair they hurt my feet like a mug! Still cute but not worth the pain!

Another item I can't quite fall in love with is those harem pants. I think to rock the look you have to either a) be very thin or b) extremely tall... Some people can pull it off, but I really can't bring myself too it. Plus, good news for me, it looks like those may not have caught on.

I know, I know, I KNOW there are lots of people who really enjoy a certain brand/style of shoes out there. I am thinking of 2 specific types of shoes... I've decided for the sake of certain friendships these shoes will remain nameless. I will describe them for you as follows:

-Let me tell you, the first ones just won't die! They are freaking ev-uh-ree where! Knock-offs are in abundance. For crying out loud, you can purchase these monstrosities anywhere from "shi-shi" stores in the mall to your local grocery store. No lie. They're everywhere and everyone who wears them claim they're the 'most comfortable' shoes. Let me say this; nearly all my shoes are comfortable AND fashionable. That's all about those.
- The second shoes: Well, they're much better to look at than the first and there aren't nearly as many knockoffs to my knowledge. I just don't like them. They are named after some guy and their website claims the shoes to be semi-ecologically friendly. So kudos to them! Either way, their shapeless canvas and flat sole CAN'T possibly be good for foot health.

So here's my point:
I choose to be "fashionably late" to trends I don't agree with. If you've read this far...I probably sound like I just vented a bunch. I probably did. Be true to yourself. If you like booties, harem pants, and figured out which shoes I'm talking about...stay true to yourself and don't let this fashionista change your mind.

~ Get your fashion on ~
<3 Jana Faith

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutesy websites for cutesy gals... :o)

Hey-hey! I've actually purchased some items from and I am very pleased. I especially love my pink plastic rose ring. Joe even noticed how much I love the ring b/c I'm constantly wearing it! As for the other websites, they're all ones I plan on purchasing things from. Alrighty, happy shopping.

~ Get your fashion on ~
Much love <3
Jana Faith

Monday, October 19, 2009

Zebra Print

I sho' nuff loooove me some zebra print!  Okay, but seriously...I really DO love zebra print. Those of you who like zebra print and are feeling a little adventurous with fingernail on!

I was in a mighty silly mostly, the pictures are to show the nails. If it makes you giggle a little...SCORE!


Okay, so here's what I used:
- N.Y.C. in a New York Color minute Quick Dry Nail Polish - 208B Little Italy - $2
- Sally Hansen nail art pen - Black- $6.50
- inm Out the Door - America's #1 Super Fast Drying Top Coat for Nails - $5

Halloween is just around the corner so if you work somewhere conservative, blame the crazy zebra print nails on that. Or... you could blame the crazy zebra print nails on being a "kindergarten punk" (that's my excuse...that's what my friend Beck calls me).  Otherwise, save the zebra print for a weekend look.

Have fun and....
~ Get your fashion on~
<3 Jana Faith

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Be BOW-dacious!!!
are making a hit everywhere! And don't think you're 'too old' to wear bows.....  The feminine classic is on everything from skirts to bracelets! They're really BIG this Fall so let's take a look-see. :o)

Where to buy this ring.

For the more daring individual...

A more classic take

Bow necklaces

Bracelets too!


Bow dresses and skirts

(If all else fails, feel free to get some inexpensive, solid colored ribbon at your local craft store or craft can tie it around your waist or even wear it as a headband....Seriously!)

Bow-dacious Shoes

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to work in the bow-trend that's hot this fall. When working this trend, make sure to wear only one item at a time. Otherwise, it starts to make your ensemble look too busy. Have fun! and.....

~Get your fashion on~
<3 Jana Faith

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The new Wing-Tips?

These are some  adorably cute shoes! I used to hate high-tops but now they're starting to grow on me. These are part of a new line from Adidas....I especially love the wing on the side. It gives these shoes a very retro 70's feel. It sort of reminds me of roller disco. :o)

~Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love Love Love

A compliment always, always, ALWAYS makes me feel so good! Seriously... so why not spread the joy? I forget to dole out the compliments... I need to do better.

So, go tell someone something nice today, tonight, tomorrow, this evening, whenever. Let the things you say be encouraging. (I need to take this advice myself.) Sow seeds of love everywhere you go. It make the world prettier because it makes people's hearts prettier. When your heart is prettier, your soul is prettier, and when your soul is prettier, your countenance is prettier...which means YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

~Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith

p.s. I fully realize this is not 'fashion' related...technically...but technically...that's okay!

So here's your fashion fix:
   Kandee Johnson ~ I <3 her!
^^^ This is a link. Click on it! ^^^

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I need to branch out...

So...I learned something today. By no means am I an 'expert' on fashion. Here is where taking advice is left up to the listener. Yes...I am sharing what I 'think' I know. Naturally, if someone asks "Where do you shop?" or "Where do you get your cute clothes?" I am going to answer with where I shop. (I'm still getting to the thing I learned...)

I personally shop LOTS of places.
*I do the bulk of my shopping these first four places.
- Consignment stores (Second Chance, Second Time's a Charm, DeJa Vu Designer Consigner, etc.)
- Thrift Stores (Bargain Thrift, Value Thrift, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.)
- Garage/Yard Sales
- Forever 21

* I generally feel like I'm getting really fancy if I get something from these places. Ha.
- Target

- Ann Taylor the Loft (sale racks only for me...and this store makes me feel like a 'grown-up')
- Gap (rarely)
- JC Penny's

Okay, so back to my lesson:
Last school year, someone older than me asked those aforementioned questions and I told her where I shop and she went there and tried to do the same thing I do. She was telling me about her adventure today and she said the following:
"When I looked at myself in the mirror I thought 2 things. Well, this makes me look like a sausage and I look like one of those old women you want to grab by the arm and tell her, 'You are NOT a teeny-bopper anymore!'"

Shoot, Jana Faith! *sigh* I know fashion changes according to the age bracket you're in. That's why there are magazine articles about how to 'rock the trends' no matter what age you are. So ladies, I am going to try and branch out and share what I know for various age groups. :o)

Love to all
~ Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fash-on I gotta live!!!

Okay ladies.... I have a tip.

I never seem to have enough undershirts, camisoles, or solid white t's. At Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Gap, a.k.a. "the mall"  you can get cute little shirts for $5 - $10. BUT STOPPPP! That's too much! Someone very thrifty recently let me in on a secret: you can get plain white hemmed undershirts and plain white v-neck and round neck tee-shirts in the mens undergarments section.


I just bought 6 v-neck shirts for $9.50 and 3 'wifebeater' shirts for $7.50. I have come up with all kinds of fun ways to wear these. I highly recommend the purchase. Plus, since they're in the men's section of the store, no worries abouts sizes b/c I know Wal-Mart sells up to a 3X in men's.

Have fun with your new white shirts. Plus, if you're not feelin' the white can dye them any color you choose. :oD

~Get your fashion on~
<3 Jana Faith

Friday, September 25, 2009

Encouraging you...

Have you ever seen an outfit on someone and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I could do that..."? Good news, people! You CAN!

I get my fashion inspirations from that exact thing...
I am a people watcher and I'm always eye-balling what people are wearing. I take it in: head to toe, so if you ever see me 'creepin'...I'm just admiring your outfit. :o)

For example, several years ago, at least 5, I saw a girl named Sam who wore a simple solid t-shirt with a scarf tied around her shirt as a shirt. I know, this tip won't work for usually works for the more 'narrow' people out there. (scarf-shirt picture at the end) My point is fashion is all over the place!

It drives me crazy to hear someone say "Oh, I couldn't pull that off". Here's my question to you: Have you tried?!

I encourage you to: Be bold! Be brave! Be courageous! Think outside that blasted box!

~Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here I go...

With the support of 7 facebook friends...I'm venturing into the world of blogging about fashion. I'm not entirely sure where this will take us but as I was sifting through the racks at one of my favorite consignment stores tonight... I thought those same things to myself I always think:

1. Know your fabrics.
- this means... you can tell by looking at the sleeves whether or not the whole shirt is worth a look. If the sleeves are stupid (i.e. peely, balled up, wrinkly, stained) skip it!

2. Know your colors.
- this means... there are some colors that just are not flattering on people. For example, I can't wear khaki near my face. It washes me out. Also, lots of yellows look stupid on me. If you're not sure whether a color is good on you, bring an honest friend. She might tick you off, but at least she's telling the truth.

3. Flip through quickly.
- this means... flip, flip, flip, flip, SKIM through the clothes for the sake of time.

4. Knowing your size often doesn't do a bit of good. I'm serious, people. I have pants in a variety of sizes and shirts that range from a small to a large, which leads to my next point.

5. Be willing to try everything on and put things back.


6. If you're not in love with it...don't waste the money. Even if it is a "good buy. " If you're not in love with it you won't wear it.

Okay. More to come. Please stay tuned and bear with me.
Love~ Jana Faith

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