Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fash-on I gotta live!!!

Okay ladies.... I have a tip.

I never seem to have enough undershirts, camisoles, or solid white t's. At Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Gap, a.k.a. "the mall"  you can get cute little shirts for $5 - $10. BUT STOPPPP! That's too much! Someone very thrifty recently let me in on a secret: you can get plain white hemmed undershirts and plain white v-neck and round neck tee-shirts in the mens undergarments section.


I just bought 6 v-neck shirts for $9.50 and 3 'wifebeater' shirts for $7.50. I have come up with all kinds of fun ways to wear these. I highly recommend the purchase. Plus, since they're in the men's section of the store, no worries abouts sizes b/c I know Wal-Mart sells up to a 3X in men's.

Have fun with your new white shirts. Plus, if you're not feelin' the white can dye them any color you choose. :oD

~Get your fashion on~
<3 Jana Faith


Becky said...

I buy them in black and gray in the men's dept at walmart too...super super soft! Love it Jana :) Glad you posted it...I've been doing it for a while now and sometimes you forget what others don't think of! Good tips :)

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