Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love Love Love

A compliment always, always, ALWAYS makes me feel so good! Seriously... so why not spread the joy? I forget to dole out the compliments... I need to do better.

So, go tell someone something nice today, tonight, tomorrow, this evening, whenever. Let the things you say be encouraging. (I need to take this advice myself.) Sow seeds of love everywhere you go. It make the world prettier because it makes people's hearts prettier. When your heart is prettier, your soul is prettier, and when your soul is prettier, your countenance is prettier...which means YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

~Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith

p.s. I fully realize this is not 'fashion' related...technically...but technically...that's okay!

So here's your fashion fix:
   Kandee Johnson ~ I <3 her!
^^^ This is a link. Click on it! ^^^


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