Friday, September 25, 2009

Encouraging you...

Have you ever seen an outfit on someone and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I could do that..."? Good news, people! You CAN!

I get my fashion inspirations from that exact thing...
I am a people watcher and I'm always eye-balling what people are wearing. I take it in: head to toe, so if you ever see me 'creepin'...I'm just admiring your outfit. :o)

For example, several years ago, at least 5, I saw a girl named Sam who wore a simple solid t-shirt with a scarf tied around her shirt as a shirt. I know, this tip won't work for usually works for the more 'narrow' people out there. (scarf-shirt picture at the end) My point is fashion is all over the place!

It drives me crazy to hear someone say "Oh, I couldn't pull that off". Here's my question to you: Have you tried?!

I encourage you to: Be bold! Be brave! Be courageous! Think outside that blasted box!

~Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith



shoppingqueen213 said...

I have to admit...I say that all the time. Next time I say it I will take your advice and try it on!

Meagan Maynard said...

I've tried this on several occasions ( the scarf shirt) but haven't managed to make it out of the house yet! ha! :)

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