Thursday, March 28, 2013

BlissDom 2013

I've made a cardinal mistake of reading recaps of BlissDom before I was satisfied with my own... I am torn between the flowery truth and the grisly truth because I have both to say about BlissDom.

 photo d791b62e-3b58-4361-97bb-c53b03a743dc_zpscbbb7ceb.jpg

"Never compare you beginning of someone else's middle"  
 " You have permission to be horrible." ~ Jon Acuff

I recall a quite empowering moment for myself. I know I am called to teaching and I've always thought of it as a permanent fixture in my life. But it was freeing to glimpse the possibility of other things. I did not know there were careers to be made from social media. This is not to say I want to quit teaching. Please hear what I'm saying - as long as it's what God has for me, it's what I'll do.  BlissDom helped me realize, I feel comparably passionate about both 'frugal-fashion blogging' and teaching. It now seems less scary to imagine possibilities.

"You can choose to be afraid or you can choose to trust." ~ Jeff Goins
This was one of the many moments that brought tears to my eyes. This was for me. Jeff Goins was poignant. Eloquent. I connected immediately. He's a self proclaimed "word nerd" and he was speaking my language.  "Risk being misunderstood"? Okay. I can do that. I've always been a little different. As young as first grade, I said, "I'm not weird, I'm unique." 

"You look the best when you look like you." ~ Scott Stratten

And here's some of the 'grisly truth'. The girl I was in high school who felt awkward around the "popular kids" - I was worried that girl might show up. She did not disappoint in rearing her insecure head. Casual observers probably had no idea. I'm pretty good at flying solo but when I would come back to my room at night, I'd air my insecurities with my husband. Women are clique-y. As much as we don't want to be, as much as we'd rather not be, and as much as I'd like to say I'm not clique-y -we all are. And it sucks.

Have you ever met someone and your heart skipped a little because it recognized a friend? An instant connection was made? I met some of those heart-skipping friends at BlissDom and made some incredible connections with people I want to see again. Phenomenal men and women who made my heart and face smile. People who made me feel accepted for the real Jana.

Being around people who not only understand, but also relate when you talk about blogging, Twitter, Instagram, SEO, numbers, and blog traffic- and don't think I'm crazy- it's a liberating, empowering experience. To have fellow bloggers celebrate with me when I say, "Oh I only have 104 followers"- wow. What a feeling! Before  BlissDom I felt like I had no business being there but after BlissDom I realized the old adage "we all put our pants on one [insert trendy color her here] skinny leg at a time" has never been more true. (Ya know, since we're all into wearing skinny jeans these days.) It's a joy to be around people who want you to succeed.

I learned blunt truths about blogging and learned useful strategies from one of the breakout sessions I attended.  
"Suck it up and act like business people." ~ Shelly Kramer
Blogging is strategic. SEO (search engine optimization - which I learned that acronym at BlissDom) doesn't compromise your integrity as a writer. In fact, it helps get your awesome writing out there. Do it. Blogging is a business. It's okay to be strategic.
(Um, sucks to be me though because I got a migraine and apparently missed some awesome sessions on Friday.)

When it's all said and done- BlissDom is what you make of it. You can choose to make it an awesome, memorable time or you can choose to sit on the sidelines and let insecurities win out. I chose to find my Bliss and I left with plenty of happies in my heart. So much happy it spilled out my eyes.

 photo a4fa8865-a7c7-4e40-969c-d2374d8ab11c_zps967a2be8.jpg

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BlissDom 2013 - What I Wore

Don't you worry your pretty little heads - I am working on a total recap but there's so much to mentally absorb that I'm working like molasses in winter.

One of my biggest worries about BlissDom was "What in the crap am I gonna wear?!" Someone hit the nail on the head- "Wow. A Fashion blogger, you must have felt a lot of pressure when packing." Um. YEAH! Plus the fact that I'm a mental spazoid. Oh well- now you get to see what made the cut.

I didn't actually wear this at BlissDom but I did wear it in the car and it's too good to leave it out...
 photo a686beea-35a4-4a6e-82bf-33d8c2a57e9d_zps7349c048.jpg
Shirt- Third Man Records in Nashville
Vintage Belt - Thrifted
Skirt- H&M via thrift, c'mon Oklahoma, get with the program and get me a frakkin' H&M
Denimish leggings- Walmart
Boots- Target via Instagram Store, StylishTreasures

 photo 39458d7f-c42b-40cd-a846-08a16492927a_zps0cf1efd6.jpg
This outfit was what I wore for the Photo Walk, Newcomer Meet and Greet, and Opening Ceremony. In hindsight, I wish I would have changed after the Newcomer session but you live and learn. Next time, I'm bringing more clothes. 
Union Jack shirt- Forever 21
(p.s. This was an AWESOME conversation starter. So glad I wore it.)
Cardigan- Ann Taylor the Loft
Black Pants- Gloria Vanderbilt, via Ross
Boots- Instagram store

 photo fc3ad38b-20ce-4703-a476-5339dfaefc11_zpsf5954455.jpg
Day 2-Day Outfit
Shirt- H&M Via Instagram store, tongueincheekycloset
Skirt- Forever 21
Boots- Instagram
Glasses- Firmoo

 photo 4e0079f4-22a1-4c4f-ac8f-5f629a9c503c_zpsc53a45e0.jpg
Girl's Night Out, Day 2 Night- Definitely dress up! Snazzy yourself up because odds are, you won't feel under-dressed. Also, bring some kind of cute clutch. I left mine at home and had to make a mad dash to Target. Also- Sorry this picture is fuzzalicious. It's what we've got.
Dress- Kohl's
(I also wanted to share with you the new exclusive 10% off code for You can use code BLOGS10 through May 10th.  It can be used to stack savings with one other department level code as well.)
Belt- Target via Goodwill thrift
Fishnets- Walmart
Shoes- Thrifted (featured in How to fix your thrifted shoes
and I'm awesome because you can't even see them. Whoops. Sorry.

 photo fa0822bc-144f-4ea2-9836-1b3721d861c9_zps136d2d57.jpg
I. LOVE. this. photo! Credit to the hub. I even have a legitimate 'fashion blogger smolder' going on.
I wore this the last day, Day 3.
I loved when Danika commented, "You've got a really great boho/country look going on".
Yes! People at BlissDom got me. They understood what I was doing. My people!
Black shirt- Forever 21
Grey Cardigan- Ross
Bubble Necklace- Amazon
Earrings- Amaranth Collection
Bangles- Thrifted and Garage Sales
Belt- American Eagle
Skirt- Walmart
Boots- Instagram StylishTreasure store

  photo 15400b1b-005a-453d-b550-b03bfbd331d8_zpsf37b614d.jpg
This was my last BlissDom outfit. They had a Girls' Night In and told us to wear what we're comfortable in.
Initially, I was going to wear pajamas, but my husband said maybe I shouldn't and I'm SO GLAD he did because how embarrassing would it have been to take pictures with Jeremy Sisto and Ana Gasteyer in my pajamas.
Shirt- thrifted SWAT
Scarf- eBay
Raspberry skinnies- Ross
Shoes- Ross

 photo 1831faba-48b1-4f50-b415-a3015367787d_zps27061452.jpg
And I loved this hair. I can dig a topknot but I had to put my own Jana-fied spin on things.

What do I wish I'd done differently?
  • I wish I could have brought my clutch instead of having to buy a new one. 
  • I wish I would have changed on the first day between the Newcomer Meet and Greet and the Opening Ceremony.
  • I wish I'd been a little fancier for Girls' Night Out.

I kept reading "dress like you're going on an interview". That really freaked me out. My interview clothes are stuffy. Boring. Black. Get the job clothes. I don't dress like my interview clothes. My advice is:
  •  Wear comfortable shoes. Even to Girls' Night Out. Something you can walk in during the day and something you can shake it in at night.
  • Pack plenty of clothes. Extra. You want options and you'll probably wear 2 outfits a day. 
  • be slightly trendy- I heard, "This place is like Pinterest come to life!" It's true.

I seriously had an incredible time. Words simply cannot convey the awesome.

What do you think? Do you have questions? Wanna know more? Which look was your favorite?

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging Live from Grapevine, TX

As many of you know, I'm at BlissDom. Okay, so noooooot 'technically'...yet. This afternoon I will be. I'm in Grapevine, less than three miles from The Gaylord Texan.

We stayed with my big brother and his wife last night and made our way to The Gaylord this a.m. When we turned the corner I seriously freaked out. The Gaylord Texan is HUGE. Massive. A city in a hotel. Are you kidding me?! I haven't even been inside yet but daaaaaang. The phrase, "Country girl come to town" has never been more appropriate. If you've been reading long, you know I have anxiety. No big deal. Anyway, as Joe is driving, I can't breathe. I can't swallow. My mouth is dry. I'm just about to cry. Ugh. 

Then my husband said, "Would you be doing this if this was a big thrift store? No. You'd be overwhelmed and excited. Just calm down." He has a point....

 photo 461ee0bf-8283-497f-8631-f22d8911610f_zps115cb657.jpg

  photo 175db101-a256-4f5d-90bc-23014d1eac15_zps2f579720.jpg

 photo 39458d7f-c42b-40cd-a846-08a16492927a_zps0cf1efd6.jpg

Yep.... my hurr be lookin' good. My outfit is stylin' and I've been tweeting off and on all morning. This is real life and I'm happy about it. I'll keep you posted on all the excitement!

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to fix your thrifted shoes...

I get it. Some people think thrifted shoes are gross. I do not. So... this may not be your thing.

 Nerves have taken over. What am I wearing at BlissDom?! Suddenly... my clothes suck. I'm stressed. I'm going thrifting.

I found some really cute nude heels that are perfect for all seasons, depending on how I style them. While walking around the store, I noticed they were a little crumpled on one foot. (Probably because Goodwill puts a rubberband around their shoes to keep pairs together.) Hardly noticeable while being worn...

As I'm checking out, I mention something to the sales clerk and she said, "Oh you could probably get the hair dryer after them and fix it easily. Just put some newspaper or a sock in the toe." What?! Okay, I've seen things like this on Pinterest multiple times but I never gave it much thought.

Onward and upward....
 photo 55b2437b-4297-4387-9619-90896356c435_zpse6e04084.jpg

Proof of how unworn they are:
 photo b0678917-d6e8-420f-add4-65416bf81acc_zps2bdc0ebb.jpg

  photo 9509c34d-57fd-475e-90ed-a3f9dd16a767_zpsf880dbc0.jpg

  photo 7426f1d0-4157-4fe5-b147-5a84634350ab_zps8a9d7c03.jpg

First I rolled up three socks: two regular sized and one knee-high. I shoved those puppies down in there...
  photo a1f642ee-8a58-43ea-a320-a4458554ced7_zpsda6ff431.jpg

Get out your hair dryer and shoot it at the crumpled area until it starts relaxing.
 photo 43d6701d-8505-4442-84ac-745537bcbd71_zps52a0e973.jpg

Finished product...
  photo 8965bd25-db0e-4298-9c75-ab5e20a4d883_zpsb41687ba.jpg

The only thing that is not my favorite about this is it stretched out the toe box for that shoe a bit. Now my right foot has room to grow. Other than that, It's pretty fantastic and I don't think it will be a major problem.

Also noteworthy- similar shoes are selling on eBay between $20-$30. I got mine for $5. You know I love a good bargain! 

Are you going to try this sometime? What do you think? Can't even tell... except I already told you the secret. *Shhhhh*
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Sleeps Until BlissDom

Normal folks would be excited. I on the other hand, have shut down. That tends to be how I deal with things that make me nervous/stress me out. "Hey Crazy Lady, BlissDom is supposed to be exciting."

 photo 95230168-4239-42d3-8861-96329d3de60b_zps01efe27c.jpg

I'm a doofus with my video camera, otherwise you'd be getting a vlog. Someday I plan to figure all that out.... but in the meantime, here's my thoughts on BlissDom.

I need to make a list of the outfits to pack. I need to dig out my suitcase. I need to call my brother and his wife to make arrangements to see them while we're in Dallas. I need to decide what I'm wearing. I need to charge all the electronics I'm bringing. I need to get lesson plans done for when we come back from BlissDom. All I really want to do is crawl in bed and read Mockingjay and pretend BlissDom is still months from now...

There are two versions of me in a setting where I don't know people. Version A.) Awesome, confident, outgoing, and friendly. Makes everyone feel at ease and is completely engaging and genuine. Version B.) Hesitant to make immediate connections, always observing, giving the impression I'm shy.  Still awesome, but people don't know for a while. I'm worried about which Jana will show up Thursday at the New Comers Meet-and-Greet. 

I'm not staying at the Gaylord Hotel. My husband is driving me down and we'll be lodging somewhere else. How is the whole scheduling situation going to go down? How is the transportation going take place and how inconvenient will this make things for him? (p.s. he's awesome and one of my biggest supporters....) 

I have a tiny blog in the blog world. I mean, 104 followers is just not a ton. I'm beyond grateful for the followers I have. They're the awesomely terrific kind who comment and interact and that's valuable. Speaking of that GFC, you suck. Google Friend Connect,  I worked my rear off to validly earn my followers and you're gonna up and leave? Thanks, ya punks. I suppose I will be looking into Bloglovin' so the delightful folks who've chosen to follow will have an opportunity to continue.
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Also- I began this blog as a "fashion blog" but let's be serious- I can't shake the niggling thoughts of self-doubt. I shop the clearance rack at Wal-Mart. Target seems like I'm splurging and thrifting has completely ruined me on paying full-price for anything ever again. So as much as I love the clothes in my closet, I'm not a typical "fashion blogger". I can't help but feel I need to go to Francesca's, Forever 21, Amaranth Collection,  and Target and revamp my wardrobe. Except I won't do that.  I need to be myself. I need to be the Jana who doesn't wear jeans even though it's casual Friday. I need to be the gal who is comfortable wearing skirts when everyone else is wearing pants. I need to be myself.

The good news is this - people here believe in me.  One of my sweet friends, who also has a child in my class, brought me the most thoughtful gift.
  photo 3130ca92-96a6-4712-8784-6882abbff87c_zps597110fb.jpg
 photo 62c62b6d-0345-44d8-a8e2-3b3416942668_zps5c81d260.jpg

Seriously- just the encouragement I needed! Just when I'm pretty sure I have no business going to such a huge thing- my niece reminds me: writing is one of my spiritual gifts. When I am believing the worst about myself, someone reminds me this is all for a Greater Good. 

I'm going to BlissDom ya'll! I'm gonna have fun in spite of myself! I promise to keep you posted, friends.
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh Crap.

Ya'll.... I have something to tell you. I'm addicted to Instagram. No, not like you'd think. I mean, sure it's fun to upload pictures and it's just so easy... and the easy two-tap likes. A real delight.

Oh my... did ya'll know there were stores on Instagram? Ridiculously easy-to-shop stores. Leave your PayPal email and it's yours!  This is not good. This. is. not. good.

If you've known me long, you already know I LOVE shopping. Insta-shopping makes me feel like I'm thrifting online... and now that I have this fancy smartphone, well let's just say I'm doomed.

I bought this striped shirt from: devanrosethrift
 photo 3df8a908-55aa-4e1b-ab19-0992ea1c2ea8_zps5acb5822.jpg

These awesome boots from: stylish_treasures
  photo 666d6142-7956-41b2-912c-2d09380b2833_zps2d6b2d54.jpg

and styled those bad boys like this...
 photo dbaa90dd-790f-4abd-9bfd-5e21cf777cf9_zps2970b66a.jpg

Not to mention that fact there are current clothes as well as vintage clothes. Check out this hot, deadstock vintage swimsuit from: messiesvintagecloset
 photo 037ecf1b-579c-4d08-9fcc-a27197944b67_zps73917f9a.jpg

In case you haven't tried shopping on Instagram - check out these sellers. (This list is not all inclusive by any means - just a few of my favorites...)
  •  stylish_treasures
  • sawitandboughtit
  • flying_ginger_vintage
  • gilded_lily
  • tongueincheekycloset
  • niftythriftygal
  • messiesvintagecloset
Mind you, there are also vintage,  home decor stores as well. Once you find one, you'll find more. Good luck and happy Insta-shopping!

(Are you following me? Everydayisyourrunway )

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith
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