Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY T-Shirt Upcycle

One time I bought the wrong kind of shirt for an iron on and then had a shirt that was 'useless'. Until now!

 photo DIYPaintShirt_zps4846ee2e.jpg

Inspired by the world of Pinterest



First, I used a white opaque paint pen (available at your local craft store or Walmart). Then, I used a regular needle and thread to embroider around the pocket of the shirt. I used lots of different colors because that seems more appropriate for my own little Pocket Full of Sunshine.

Then I used 3 different sizes of paint brush and multiple bottles of acrylic paint to do a random, layered design at the bottom corner to balance out the pocket. I sort of drippled the yellow on to finish it off. Easy peasy!

Also noteworthy: I washed the shirt on the gentle cycle before I wore it and I didn't use any type of setting agent.

 photo 014_zpsd1797d80.jpg

 photo 018_zps69456333.jpg
Outfit Details
Shirt: DIY
Skirt: Walmart 2013
Moccasins: Gifted
Necklace: eBay (for less than $10) You can find one similar by clicking the link.

 photo 023_zps34bf2888.jpg

 photo 028_zpsa50ab1da.jpg

 photo c1ad0cf9-7fc4-4107-b09e-73c76b4108f3_zpsaa39b85c.jpg

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever

 photo 090_zps00a35f6c.jpg

 photo 091_zpsba7054ac.jpg

This summer has been the summer of my Native American Hippie side. Seriously... blame it on my long hair...blame it on summer...blame it on the moccasins. I've been feeling a hippie vibe all summer and since I'm Cherokee and Oklahoman, I'm allowed to do that.

Outfit Details:
Headband: somewhere in the mall but probably an easy DIY
Earrings: The Purple Penguin in Bristow
T Shirt: Dwelling Spaces OKC
Shorts: Garage Sale for a quarter!
Moccasins : Gifted
Bracelet: Anniversary present from Husband

The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

I am Never Ever Ever
  • Going to be a non-cluttery person. After many attempts and many overwhelmed moments, I think I need to embrace the clutter. I'm annoyed with this revelation.
  • (probably) going to be okay with the above revelation.
  • going to stop laughing when my husband "points" foot. For some reason it makes me laugh every time. I'm 5 years old.
  • going to stop procrastinating. After 30 years on Earth, I still haven't learned my lesson.
  • going to understand why Avril Lavigne stayed at 16. I feel like I've grown up. C'mon friend, join me in adulthood?

  • going to be able to keep from shakin' it when "Baby Got Back" or "The Thong Song" come on and while we're talking about booty.... this song either:
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Monday, July 22, 2013

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln - OOTD

Today, I'm being a good frugal fashion blogger- poses and all...

 photo afbc8645-2791-472f-9166-f864fcdf55e5_zpsbb7cef0c.jpg

  photo e0d0eaa2-590d-43d0-b8da-d2e190286b68_zps9198d488.jpg

 photo 327953c3-7d0d-4aa4-b50e-e695b03031aa_zps5afc0648.jpg

 photo 7ca5a87a-7f96-4370-8238-41c4e72b60ac_zpsd68ff586.jpg

 photo c7909187-63c2-40c4-a105-f5cf286e769a_zpsac793d12.jpg

Outfit Details:Gold Halo Headband: Dollar Jewelry and More
Spiky Earrings: Same
Glasses: Firmoo
Babydoll Dress: Thrifted
Thigh highs: Walmart (gifted)
Shoes: Instagram shop

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday I'm in Love- #4

I promised you guys it would start getting fun again... so get ready.

 photo e7d0ec47-465f-4842-a092-cab99875aa13_zps0d0912eb.jpg

When you last tuned in for Friday I'm in Love,  Joe and I were still "best friends" who had crushes on each other. We weren't "friends with benefits". We didn't kiss. We didn't hold hands. We didn't do anything like that for 3 years. We pinky promised a lot, though. We still pinky promise, but at the time, it meant, "we're going to work out one of these days." We said, "I love your face" but meant "I love you." I asked, "It's all gonna be....?" and he would reply, "Oooookay." I asked him one day if we would be "Dirt". I know that sounds odd but he's always had a way of knowing what my anxiety ridden words mean. For us, "dirt" means we are meant to be together and we will be together until we become dirt again one day.

We met at a church and we knew we weren't in the 'right place for us' at the time so Joe suggested we visit his cousin and her parents church for a while. We visited and after our first visit we had lunch with his Aunt and Uncle. Once we got back to Joe's house I was happy as a clam. I remember we were outside and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend again. I couldn't say anything because I was so happy. The only thing I managed was to vigorously nod my head, "YES!" and hug him.

Most people remember exact dates and timelines but with Joe and I - the last nine years has been a blur of amazing. I just know for every good  thing that's happened he's been by my side. He's believed in us all the way - even when I was too 'worried' to see. And fortunately... he was right. It's all gonna be oooookay.

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bohemian Chic with a Western Flair

My outfits sometimes have themes... this day was, "Bohemian Chic with a Western Flair." Does anyone else do that? I feel like my style is sporadic but distinctly me. Also, once I buy clothing, it usually sticks around a while. That explain why I can't remember where I bought these jeans...

 photo 0d89045f-4d26-46f5-b155-522e8c7beaf0_zpscbe95d13.jpg

Outfit Details
Necklace: Instagram Store- sweetmint_shop
Shirt: Consignment/Thrift ($1 holla!)
Kimono: Target Plus Size section (I distinctly remember it being on clearance, too!)
Jeans: sadly, forgotten
Boots: Mossimo for Target via Instagram

I leave you with the following happy for your heart:

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:13-14

Jesus knew every part of you before you came to exist. He loves you and He finishes every work He began. Rest in His love today, friends. 

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY- Traditional Anniversary Gift

July 9th my husband and I celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss. Inspired by my teacher friend's tradition with her husband, we've begun to celebrate each year by making one another a traditional gift. Our first year gift was paper and this year was cotton.

I love having a direction to go but thus far - the materials for traditional gifts cause you to think outside the box of common gifts. No matter - cotton made me think of canvas and canvas reminded me of this awesome pin I saw on Pinterest.

 photo DIYAnniversary1_zps97b16067.jpg

I chose these colors because his favorite colors are teals and purples. Pink also happens to look good.
 photo DIYAnniversary2_zps0b017ef7.jpg
Chevron is hard. Cross hatching is not. I used Frog Tape brand painter's tape to do a cross-hatching design.
 photo DIYAnniversary3_zps280fd395.jpg
I painted over with black acrylic paint.

 photo 051_zpsb362f43c.jpg
I used a white opaque paint pen to write "I am the luckiest" which is a a line from the Ben Folds song we had our first dance to. He really liked it and was impressed with how well it turned out. Two years have flown by and been an adventure... and I really am "the luckiest".

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She wore a raspberry beret

The kind you find in a second hand store... (Prince reference, anyone?)

 photo ec1a9f7e-559e-41c4-8aee-7a6eb9c7ebe1_zps4a8a985f.jpg

Blogging is awesome and awkward. I often find myself embarrassed to discover people who know me in real life read my blog. I'm not ashamed of it or anything. I work dang hard on this little thing. But... to say, "Yeah, I take pictures of my outfits so other people can tell me they're cute" seems a little strange to actually admit. I feel like a punk when I tell my real life friends, "It's hard to explain." or "only a blogger can understand/relate/get it." I mean, really... how rude of me? But also- how positively true.

At least once a month my dad tells me about how so-and-so "said they read your blog and really enjoy it. They think you have the cutest personality." Oh mercy. I die. Please don't stop reading but let's have an agreement called: I know you're reading. Thank you. Please know I'm only slightly mortified. Also, don't stop reading.

 photo e57a5069-0c38-4f64-b546-20a24a36fec9_zpsdc632c0e.jpg

Don't get me wrong- blogging is awesome. I feel like I found my niche and something about the assumed 'protection' of writing from my computer gives me a transparency I don't always have. I'm a pretty straightforward gal but there's something about being able to talk to my blog friends about thrifting and putting together outfits that is freeing. I can talk about struggles and feel like I got it off my chest. And then...someone from my real world orbit says something about it and we've reached full circle of Awesome to Awkward.

Outfit Details:
Hat - gifted by my inlaws
Shirt- Garage Sale - 25 cent what whaaaat?!
Skirt- Forever 21 (Spring 2013)
Shoes- thrifted Doc Martens
Purse - eBay - he looks like a fox to me. Some people say an owl.
And one random nutball said a Panda. No. Not a panda. 

Last one - because I'm a ham.
 photo 356b0934-62f4-4d28-9396-209efb5fc158_zps61f6fd26.jpg
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith

Friday, July 12, 2013

30, Flirty, and Thriving .... DIY Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

It's official... I'm the big 3-0 and I threw myself a birthday party (of course, my husband helped!) It was Alice in Wonderland themed and full of DIY goodness. (Anyone else love 13 Going on 30? Anyone? Bueller?... Obviously the flirty part is strictly husband-related...)

 photo ce8ac77b-6bc3-4dec-8eeb-793732e0bbf5_zps68929b64.jpg
This outfit is my 'loose interpretation' of Alice- aka: I couldn't find a blue dress I liked to suffice and this vintage dress is amaaaaaazing. My cute little apron came from a local antique store.

 photo PinnableAliceImage_zps54221601.png

Both Joe and I are artistically inclined people so a DIY birthday was easy peasy (minus the fact I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire...)  Most of this was Pinterest inspired and if you're interested, I have a board dedicated to this party.

 photo dd29d08a-56d3-4692-ab61-c35b67431dbf_zps44866d46.jpg

 photo AliceInWonderland3_zps38ff13ef.png

We made sugar cookies with a set of cookie cutters Joe bought on Amazon. I had this idea to use a baggie and squeeze icing out of the corner....then the icing busted and I was DONE. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

 photo AliceInWonderland4_zps1be45f14.jpg

We made and tied on little 'Drink Me" tags for each bottle of soda. I meant to make 'Eat Me" labels but whatever... procrastination, amiright?!

 photo AliceInWonderland5_zpsaca71471.jpg

  photo 126_zps7586f6b5.jpg
We used felt, dowel rods, E 600 glue, and hot glue to make the props for our photo booth and below you'll see the outtakes from our photo booth.

 photo AliceInWonderland6_zps0c4d4e21.jpg
(my fantastically awesome parents)

 photo AliceInWonderland8_zps01d0d80c.jpg
(Best friends since 1991 ish)

 photo AliceInWonderland7_zpse3774b93.jpg
(Teacher/Work friends since 2006)

 photo AliceInWonderland9_zps246c11e3.jpg
None of this fun would have been possible without this fabulous guy. Thanks for making it possible. You're the best!

I had the original Alice in Wonderland playing on our tv while I chatted with guests. Most Alice themed games I found were alcohol related and since I don't drink...we didn't play those games. Had I not waited until the last minute, we would have played a game where each person got a name tag and wrote their name backward. Each time someone called them by their given name instead of their Wonderland name (backwards) the person  would have to take a card and the player with the least amount of cards at the end of the night would win.

I had so much fun and was reminded of how wonderful my friends are. I'm thankful to have such awesome friendships. If you have an Alice themed party... feel free to use any ideas you see.

 (p.s. I'm still not sure I'm used to saying 30... I don't feeeeel 30. Do I look 30? Meh, who cares.)
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith
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