Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY- Traditional Anniversary Gift

July 9th my husband and I celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss. Inspired by my teacher friend's tradition with her husband, we've begun to celebrate each year by making one another a traditional gift. Our first year gift was paper and this year was cotton.

I love having a direction to go but thus far - the materials for traditional gifts cause you to think outside the box of common gifts. No matter - cotton made me think of canvas and canvas reminded me of this awesome pin I saw on Pinterest.

 photo DIYAnniversary1_zps97b16067.jpg

I chose these colors because his favorite colors are teals and purples. Pink also happens to look good.
 photo DIYAnniversary2_zps0b017ef7.jpg
Chevron is hard. Cross hatching is not. I used Frog Tape brand painter's tape to do a cross-hatching design.
 photo DIYAnniversary3_zps280fd395.jpg
I painted over with black acrylic paint.

 photo 051_zpsb362f43c.jpg
I used a white opaque paint pen to write "I am the luckiest" which is a a line from the Ben Folds song we had our first dance to. He really liked it and was impressed with how well it turned out. Two years have flown by and been an adventure... and I really am "the luckiest".

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Amber said...

That is gorgeous, Jana!

Lisa said...

Creative, beautiful, and sweet!

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