Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday I'm in Love- #4

I promised you guys it would start getting fun again... so get ready.

 photo e7d0ec47-465f-4842-a092-cab99875aa13_zps0d0912eb.jpg

When you last tuned in for Friday I'm in Love,  Joe and I were still "best friends" who had crushes on each other. We weren't "friends with benefits". We didn't kiss. We didn't hold hands. We didn't do anything like that for 3 years. We pinky promised a lot, though. We still pinky promise, but at the time, it meant, "we're going to work out one of these days." We said, "I love your face" but meant "I love you." I asked, "It's all gonna be....?" and he would reply, "Oooookay." I asked him one day if we would be "Dirt". I know that sounds odd but he's always had a way of knowing what my anxiety ridden words mean. For us, "dirt" means we are meant to be together and we will be together until we become dirt again one day.

We met at a church and we knew we weren't in the 'right place for us' at the time so Joe suggested we visit his cousin and her parents church for a while. We visited and after our first visit we had lunch with his Aunt and Uncle. Once we got back to Joe's house I was happy as a clam. I remember we were outside and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend again. I couldn't say anything because I was so happy. The only thing I managed was to vigorously nod my head, "YES!" and hug him.

Most people remember exact dates and timelines but with Joe and I - the last nine years has been a blur of amazing. I just know for every good  thing that's happened he's been by my side. He's believed in us all the way - even when I was too 'worried' to see. And fortunately... he was right. It's all gonna be oooookay.

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Anonymous said...

awe so very cute. i love that picture of you two!

Becca said...

What a cute love story and cute pic of you two. I chuckled at the "love your face" part!
Btw, your hair is so pretty. :)

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