Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Curvy like a dowel rod. Wait. What?!

I've been viewing the designer collections for Spring 2011 on Vogue's website. As visually stimulating as they are, I can't help but think, "These models are shaped like dowel rods."

Designers, I know it's challenging for you to be perpetually creative. How 'bout ya'll challenge yourselves to designing for REAL people. Let's try something a real live person would wear. Mkay? It's easier to make clothing for stick people. Plus, I bet if those models got to eat some pizza or a bread roll from Logan's they wouldn't have a scowl on their face like they do now. I've thought that for a long time.

"Gah, I wish I could have some bread from Logan's."

I am never going to be long and skinny. I will never stand taller than my 5'4". So, help a sistah out... make something I'd wear for real. Put a gal who looks like me on the runway. Pretty please?


~ Get your fashion on ~
<3 Jana Faith

Edit 9/28/2010 - I know I sound like a big ol' fathead. I did like a lot of what I saw. I should give mad props to Oscar De La Renta and Ralph Lauren. They had some classic, real life, wearable stuff. I <3 what they have coming this spring. So, check them out. For reals.
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