Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She wore a raspberry beret

The kind you find in a second hand store... (Prince reference, anyone?)

 photo ec1a9f7e-559e-41c4-8aee-7a6eb9c7ebe1_zps4a8a985f.jpg

Blogging is awesome and awkward. I often find myself embarrassed to discover people who know me in real life read my blog. I'm not ashamed of it or anything. I work dang hard on this little thing. But... to say, "Yeah, I take pictures of my outfits so other people can tell me they're cute" seems a little strange to actually admit. I feel like a punk when I tell my real life friends, "It's hard to explain." or "only a blogger can understand/relate/get it." I mean, really... how rude of me? But also- how positively true.

At least once a month my dad tells me about how so-and-so "said they read your blog and really enjoy it. They think you have the cutest personality." Oh mercy. I die. Please don't stop reading but let's have an agreement called: I know you're reading. Thank you. Please know I'm only slightly mortified. Also, don't stop reading.

 photo e57a5069-0c38-4f64-b546-20a24a36fec9_zpsdc632c0e.jpg

Don't get me wrong- blogging is awesome. I feel like I found my niche and something about the assumed 'protection' of writing from my computer gives me a transparency I don't always have. I'm a pretty straightforward gal but there's something about being able to talk to my blog friends about thrifting and putting together outfits that is freeing. I can talk about struggles and feel like I got it off my chest. And then...someone from my real world orbit says something about it and we've reached full circle of Awesome to Awkward.

Outfit Details:
Hat - gifted by my inlaws
Shirt- Garage Sale - 25 cent what whaaaat?!
Skirt- Forever 21 (Spring 2013)
Shoes- thrifted Doc Martens
Purse - eBay - he looks like a fox to me. Some people say an owl.
And one random nutball said a Panda. No. Not a panda. 

Last one - because I'm a ham.
 photo 356b0934-62f4-4d28-9396-209efb5fc158_zps61f6fd26.jpg
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Anonymous said...

I really try and hide my blog from IRL people. Because its really awkward and because they might be in it or my true feelings will show or because i may be boring..

I tell people I blog but when they ask about what - i make a joke. people don't really get it unless they do it.

Amber said...

You're so cute!

Your purse is definitely a fox. ;)

I get awkward too when people I know IRL read my blog, ahhhh!

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