Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to fix your thrifted shoes...

I get it. Some people think thrifted shoes are gross. I do not. So... this may not be your thing.

 Nerves have taken over. What am I wearing at BlissDom?! Suddenly... my clothes suck. I'm stressed. I'm going thrifting.

I found some really cute nude heels that are perfect for all seasons, depending on how I style them. While walking around the store, I noticed they were a little crumpled on one foot. (Probably because Goodwill puts a rubberband around their shoes to keep pairs together.) Hardly noticeable while being worn...

As I'm checking out, I mention something to the sales clerk and she said, "Oh you could probably get the hair dryer after them and fix it easily. Just put some newspaper or a sock in the toe." What?! Okay, I've seen things like this on Pinterest multiple times but I never gave it much thought.

Onward and upward....
 photo 55b2437b-4297-4387-9619-90896356c435_zpse6e04084.jpg

Proof of how unworn they are:
 photo b0678917-d6e8-420f-add4-65416bf81acc_zps2bdc0ebb.jpg

  photo 9509c34d-57fd-475e-90ed-a3f9dd16a767_zpsf880dbc0.jpg

  photo 7426f1d0-4157-4fe5-b147-5a84634350ab_zps8a9d7c03.jpg

First I rolled up three socks: two regular sized and one knee-high. I shoved those puppies down in there...
  photo a1f642ee-8a58-43ea-a320-a4458554ced7_zpsda6ff431.jpg

Get out your hair dryer and shoot it at the crumpled area until it starts relaxing.
 photo 43d6701d-8505-4442-84ac-745537bcbd71_zps52a0e973.jpg

Finished product...
  photo 8965bd25-db0e-4298-9c75-ab5e20a4d883_zpsb41687ba.jpg

The only thing that is not my favorite about this is it stretched out the toe box for that shoe a bit. Now my right foot has room to grow. Other than that, It's pretty fantastic and I don't think it will be a major problem.

Also noteworthy- similar shoes are selling on eBay between $20-$30. I got mine for $5. You know I love a good bargain! 

Are you going to try this sometime? What do you think? Can't even tell... except I already told you the secret. *Shhhhh*
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Jess said...

I learned this trick from having to try and make my pointe shoes last in dance, haha. They look awesome. I've been thinkin' I need to get me a pair of nude heels I just haven't found any cheap enough that I liked. You lucky woman, you!

Reading your post I got a little anxious, haha! I got to thinking about how I'd feel if I was "in your shoes"<-(heh) getting ready for Blissdom. I'd probably be going through the similar thought process of, "Oh my gosh everything I own sucks/I'm not creative/I don't have any shoes"..haha. You are adorable of course and none of those thoughts are true. You always look wonderful =]

Sheena Rae said...

I wish I didn't care about used shoes! I could so wear a pair from someone I know, but a stranger...probably not!

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