Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh Crap.

Ya'll.... I have something to tell you. I'm addicted to Instagram. No, not like you'd think. I mean, sure it's fun to upload pictures and it's just so easy... and the easy two-tap likes. A real delight.

Oh my... did ya'll know there were stores on Instagram? Ridiculously easy-to-shop stores. Leave your PayPal email and it's yours!  This is not good. This. is. not. good.

If you've known me long, you already know I LOVE shopping. Insta-shopping makes me feel like I'm thrifting online... and now that I have this fancy smartphone, well let's just say I'm doomed.

I bought this striped shirt from: devanrosethrift
 photo 3df8a908-55aa-4e1b-ab19-0992ea1c2ea8_zps5acb5822.jpg

These awesome boots from: stylish_treasures
  photo 666d6142-7956-41b2-912c-2d09380b2833_zps2d6b2d54.jpg

and styled those bad boys like this...
 photo dbaa90dd-790f-4abd-9bfd-5e21cf777cf9_zps2970b66a.jpg

Not to mention that fact there are current clothes as well as vintage clothes. Check out this hot, deadstock vintage swimsuit from: messiesvintagecloset
 photo 037ecf1b-579c-4d08-9fcc-a27197944b67_zps73917f9a.jpg

In case you haven't tried shopping on Instagram - check out these sellers. (This list is not all inclusive by any means - just a few of my favorites...)
  •  stylish_treasures
  • sawitandboughtit
  • flying_ginger_vintage
  • gilded_lily
  • tongueincheekycloset
  • niftythriftygal
  • messiesvintagecloset
Mind you, there are also vintage,  home decor stores as well. Once you find one, you'll find more. Good luck and happy Insta-shopping!

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Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


The Cavallaro's said...

EEEEK, I can't wait to check them out!!!!!! It's almost like ebay, but even more awesome!!!!

Nadine said...

I had NO idea that you could shop on instagram. That sounds crazy dangerous for the bank account but wayy too easy. I love the boots!

Renée said...

I've always wanted to do this!!! It seems like the best idea ever!

Jess said...

Oh I definitely scrolled past those urls as fast as I could, because Lord knows I do not need that!! I'm as bad as you haha. You look wonderful though and adorable as always =].

Erica said...

There are stores on Instagram??!! This is news to me!! That could be a very dangerous addiction for sure! ;)

P.S. Fun new look here on your bloggy. :)

Trisha said...

Oh yeah, I could see how that could get anyone into trouble! Happy insta-shopping!


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