Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I need to branch out...

So...I learned something today. By no means am I an 'expert' on fashion. Here is where taking advice is left up to the listener. Yes...I am sharing what I 'think' I know. Naturally, if someone asks "Where do you shop?" or "Where do you get your cute clothes?" I am going to answer with where I shop. (I'm still getting to the thing I learned...)

I personally shop LOTS of places.
*I do the bulk of my shopping these first four places.
- Consignment stores (Second Chance, Second Time's a Charm, DeJa Vu Designer Consigner, etc.)
- Thrift Stores (Bargain Thrift, Value Thrift, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.)
- Garage/Yard Sales
- Forever 21

* I generally feel like I'm getting really fancy if I get something from these places. Ha.
- Target

- Ann Taylor the Loft (sale racks only for me...and this store makes me feel like a 'grown-up')
- Gap (rarely)
- JC Penny's

Okay, so back to my lesson:
Last school year, someone older than me asked those aforementioned questions and I told her where I shop and she went there and tried to do the same thing I do. She was telling me about her adventure today and she said the following:
"When I looked at myself in the mirror I thought 2 things. Well, this makes me look like a sausage and I look like one of those old women you want to grab by the arm and tell her, 'You are NOT a teeny-bopper anymore!'"

Shoot, Jana Faith! *sigh* I know fashion changes according to the age bracket you're in. That's why there are magazine articles about how to 'rock the trends' no matter what age you are. So ladies, I am going to try and branch out and share what I know for various age groups. :o)

Love to all
~ Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith


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