Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here I go...

With the support of 7 facebook friends...I'm venturing into the world of blogging about fashion. I'm not entirely sure where this will take us but as I was sifting through the racks at one of my favorite consignment stores tonight... I thought those same things to myself I always think:

1. Know your fabrics.
- this means... you can tell by looking at the sleeves whether or not the whole shirt is worth a look. If the sleeves are stupid (i.e. peely, balled up, wrinkly, stained) skip it!

2. Know your colors.
- this means... there are some colors that just are not flattering on people. For example, I can't wear khaki near my face. It washes me out. Also, lots of yellows look stupid on me. If you're not sure whether a color is good on you, bring an honest friend. She might tick you off, but at least she's telling the truth.

3. Flip through quickly.
- this means... flip, flip, flip, flip, SKIM through the clothes for the sake of time.

4. Knowing your size often doesn't do a bit of good. I'm serious, people. I have pants in a variety of sizes and shirts that range from a small to a large, which leads to my next point.

5. Be willing to try everything on and put things back.


6. If you're not in love with it...don't waste the money. Even if it is a "good buy. " If you're not in love with it you won't wear it.

Okay. More to come. Please stay tuned and bear with me.
Love~ Jana Faith


Dawnya said...

Love it... love it... love YOU!!!


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