Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cry baby... it's MORE than okay to cry.

For the one who reads this and needs it...

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I cry when my heart is full to the brim and the only way to possibly contain what's inside is to let some out my eyes.

I cry when I have reached my frustration level and I can't go on without a good cry.

I bought What Dreams May Come for days when I need a good cry. (Let it be noted I've never watched it for that purpose but should the need arise, I have the movie.)

I cry when all the children and teachers in our little school, my home away from home, come together for a teachers versus students volleyball game.

I cry when my feelings get hurt.

I cry when I am singing praises to Jesus.

Sometimes, I cry tears of gratitude and thankfulness when I look over and realize I get to spend life with my husband.

I even cry when I hear Pink sing Just Give me a Reason or Miley sing Wrecking Ball. (But let's face it, who doesn't cry when they think of Miley these days!?)

From the time I have memories, my amazing momma has told me, "It's okay to cry. Get the cry over with and then move on." 

Piano lessons, dance class, Mrs. Rowland's math class, 9th grade Geometry, staff meetings, hurt feelings and more... if you've known me for any length of time- whether as a child or an adult - you've probably seen me cry. It's part of who I am and that's okay. I've always continued after a good cry. Usually, I cry because I care. I'm not a cry baby. I'm tenderhearted. Crying does not make me weak.

When tears are cried and left behind in a healthy way, they're cathartic. They can give the release you need to be strong or they can escape as a symbol of immense joy. 

"Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll- are they not in your record?" Psalm 56:8

Jesus sees our tears and He rejoices with us when they are joyful and mourns with us when they are sorrowful.

It's more than okay to cry...

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Theresa said...

I cry too for any and everything. I wonder what they think of me in church. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

3 boys and 1 princess! said...

This is amazing! Made me cry as I was reading it. People always try to make me feel bad when I cry for unsentimental reasons. I am just very tender also. It seems these days that the wind blowing the wrong way can make me cry but... I cannot ever put it into words for why I cry for strange reasons. You just put it into words for me. Thank you. Preston's mommy.

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