Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Weirdos

"Studies show that moist environments, such as your bathroom, are a haven for bacteria."


So, my honey got me this for Christmas. :oD

Keep those nasty toilet germs at bay...

Thanks, honey!

When telling a co-worker he got me a toothbrush sanitizer for Christmas, honey's co-worker said, "Normal people don't ask for that [toothbrush sanitizers] for Christmas"

Who said anything about being normal?!?! ;o)
Get your fashion on and keep the germs away!
Merry Christmas!!!


Habebi said...

Seriously like this post!

Humphreys Family said...

Jana, you are too cute!
I have never heard of a toothbrush sanitizer. I must own one! Germs freak me out, especially germs from the potty room.
I heart you and your blog :o)

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