Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thrift Shop Queen with a Vloggy treat

 photo b67a6eac-f18c-40ef-9e0b-24d5add94ada_zpsa81ee61c.jpg

Everyone loves a good vlog, right?

Thanks for letting me borrow your sweet beats, NY Rap Beats. If teaching doesn't pan out... I could have a career in rapping. Obviously, it works well with my white girl swag and southern twang. 

 photo GreenShirt3_zps6ae682b0.jpg
Glasses: Firmoo
(I won a giveaway from Elsha at When Mine Became Ours)
Earrings: Little Hawthorne at BlissDom 
Shirt: Thrifted (obviously)
Shorts: Thrifted (double obviously)
Necklace: It's a lucky horseshoe and you can't even see it but I bought it on Instagram.
Shoes: Santa Claus bought them on Amazon. Minnetonkas are loverly. 
They also make other Captain D's diners inquire about my Native American Cherokee heritage and whether or not I know how to stomp dance. I do not.

 photo aa98be61-61e2-41c2-bc9a-f3d061f23693_zpsd554585a.jpg

 photo GreenShirt6_zps7c5765c0.jpg

And everyone's favorite blooper shot... as if you don't already know how silly I am. 
 photo GreenShirt5_zps45f79512.jpg

Have you entered to WIN? You should get your sweet toucas over there and get that done...

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Becca said...

Haha! Love the rap. :)
I've just recently heard of Minnetonkas... they have some really cute (and warm-looking) winter boots as well. :)

Jess said...

Too cute! I love the color of the shirt and that necklace sounds adorable. That rap made me laugh OUT LOUD. Seriously.

thelittlebluebungalow said...

that was seriously so funny.. and you have guts girl.

Elsha said...

I love those boots!! If I were you I'd never take them off:)

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