Friday, January 3, 2014

Currently... in January

Feeling: Restless. Trapped. Winter does this every time. The cold, the lack of sunshine, too many layers...ugh. I've had almost two weeks off school and I think I need a schedule to exist peacefully. So there's that...

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Watching: Desperate Housewives on Netflix has been the most commonly played thing lately. Tonight I watched my FAVORITE show: Parenthood. Seriously, don't we all wish we could be part of the Braverman family? If you're not watching Parenthood, you're doing it wrong. 

Reading: This school year, I've only read to help me get to sleep at night. I usually reread things again and again and I'm currently reading The Confession by John Grisham. He's definitely a familiar favorite.

Thinking About: We go back to school Monday for a professional development day and although I theoretically could live a life of eternal homebodiness... realistically I need structure.

Eating: There is a 6 pack of Wholly Guacamole in the produce section at Walmart that is bombtastic. That and homemade bread have been my sustenance the last 3 days. If you follow me on Instagram (everydayisyourrunway or FearlessFaithVintage) you can see the bread I made. 
  photo 8bf0b2e1-1f6b-4149-8b2d-ceb90f1970a3_zps7b689f61.jpg

Looking Forward to:
- Continuing to pursue my word/phrase/goal for 2014: Clutter-Free
- Learning embroidery 

Making me Happy: Grace

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Hannah T said...

I'm currently watching Parenthood too! I literally have been sitting on my couch and laughing so hard in my empty house! It is so great!

Elsha said...

I am with you on the homebody, and structure theory! Going back to work this week was super hard, so brace yourself!

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