Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm not crazy.

I've found a haven. Wanna know where it is??? . I never feel like I can adequately express how I feel about clothing. I've never encountered a person who gets as jazzied up as I do. My Joe explained it best when he said, "I feel like if I can adequately explain it, people will be as excited as I am about it." Except when he said that, he said it about music. We're both extremely passionate about things we love. If you've never checked it out, please go look at chictopia. I'm absolutely in love with it. Truly. I know it's ridiculous. It's such a fun way for me to relax and veg on fashion. *sigh* Happiness. Maybe someday....

<3 get your fashion on <3 Go check it out, perhaps you'll like it or be inspired


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