Monday, February 4, 2013

Be Nice to Yourself

 Due to major shifts and changes in my professional life my brain is cloudy.

Good news is - I realized there are things I know how to do. Thanks to two of my colleagues, I realized I enjoy blogging more than I thought.  It's a 'skill' I possess. Due to those changes at work - I may have an opportunity to share my knowledge someday. 

This brain cloud causes me to need some dang thrift therapy. In a baaaad way. 

BlissDom will be here in less than 7 weeks! The 9 year anniversary of my  first date will Joe happens that weekend. As exciting as those two things are... I can't shake my nerves about what to expect at BlissDom. Like everything else in life, I'll understand more as I experience it. 

Unrelated to all of those things - Winter, you have two choices.
1. Freaking snow buckets already or...
2. Pack your bags and get away from me!
Winter makes me cranky. Period.

 photo 542b4563-c3cc-49a3-a140-e610d3f93a66_zps3d6799cf.jpg


The Cavallaro's said...

UGGGGHHHH TO THE SNOW!!!! SOOO glad i'm far, far, FARRRR away from it! Would love to hear your knowledge sometime :)

Laura Darling said...

I hope winter packs her bags ASAP! I am SO ready for springtime! And I can't wait to hear about Blissdom!

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