Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm a writer...

  photo 4604efb6-7057-46e6-877a-85b1c6efeea4_zps69fd7f56.jpg
(so I cheated a tad- - - this cute photo is from 2008.)

I go through artistic phases. I scrapbooked for a while. I made collages for a while. I was a pretty great colored pencil artist in high school. When I met my husband, who was my "friend" for a long time. I wrote the following poem... 

Written June 16, 2004
The girl I am when I'm with you is the girl I am when I'm with me.
I want you to know that same freedom in my presence, to be yourself completely.
Whether walking by the river or swinging in the park
Whever life's journey may take us, remember we were good friends from the start. 
Our friendship is like none other I've had.
Seeing your smile always makes me glad.
Your voice on the phone helps me forget a troublesome day
A hectic day is whisked away
You inspire me to try new things
Lately, I've felt like I have wings.
One last thing I'd like to do is make sure you know I care about you.

Can we say "CHEESEBALL"?! "Friend" my butt. If you wanna know what I mean when I say he was my friend for a long time.... check out my Friday I'm in Love series.

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Um, OMG, I can't even read the poem because I'm SO stinking excited for the new blog design!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY! I love it! It suits you perfectly :)

Lisa said...

:) I vividly remember a conversation we had right around this time. About this "friend" excited that he is still your friend, will always be your friend, but mostly excited that he is your husband. Love you both. Btw....not cheesy....super cute and sweet. :)

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