Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrift Therapy

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." ~ John Lennon

True 'dat, John. 

Life has required some thrift therapy and ya'll are about to get an eye-full of my finds. Batten down the hatches 'cause here it comes! (See what I did there? Battening down the hatches...then there's a nautical themed necklace. See? I'm clever.)
 photo a5cc3a1c-4540-49ce-8d96-e43a29e94dbf_zpsfd523010.jpg

 photo 59FF7135-02C7-4BEA-888E-AA6F6B636BB3-8003-00000D3C9CBB3178_zpsa52e3212.jpg

 photo e0457038-c4e9-441d-901f-423c04f44475_zps59676beb.jpg

 photo 21d8d40f-6f80-4d0b-a66a-929f7515b9cf_zps690def22.jpg

 photo aea4c67b-cad2-4ec8-87b8-0b815be64ad9_zps9c7784d5.jpg

ThriftedOutfit photo 4fc8bb85-4bae-4980-9f10-c8cc62b55f06_zps0d9d786e.jpg

Hello, 90s - yes - I finally have them - the Doc Martens I wanted so badly - 15 years later.
 photo 017b30a9-ad38-4fd7-b62c-d17710915a45_zps9dd6c015.jpg

This poor little cutie stayed because really - do I need another "old-lady" flowered item in my house? Probably not. I hope some other really cool person finds it...
 photo 3fe4322b-39df-4ca0-a50b-75bb592e9a4d_zps79e28cce.jpg

All items came from my favorite thrift store. I love it because it has a weekly reduction schedules and a huge sign that makes me feel like I score each time I go. This week was if it was a red or yellow tag, it was priced as listed. Blue tags 50% off. Green tags 75% off. Black tags 90% off. Or something along those lines... Love it! I also feel better after a good thrift. How about you?

Funny. Cute. Appropriate. Why? Because I'm married.
I saw this on Instagram and I'm not sure who the original artist is but isn't it cute? Oh, please oh please, original artist, don't hunt me down and sue me...

Get your fashion on!


... said...

Seriously awesome finds! Jana Faith, you are a cutie patootie! I must say, I am extremely fond of the new blog look; it's very cute. :)

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Wow you go some amazing items! I love that fair isle-type sweater! Score! That last picture is hilarious!

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