Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daydream blog believer

I read fashion blogs often. Mmmm...let's say daily. I feel weird sometimes because I like clothes so much. I feel like the only way to get out how I feel about it is writing a blog. I feel like I'm a minority in my circle of friends. Not that it's a bad thing... Sometimes my husband talks about music the same way I talk about clothes.... it's hard to get all the emotion about it out because it feels like I'm just talking and people think I'm crazy. I think I love my clothes the way a lot of people love their pets. I love when a fashion blogger posts about buying clothes at
- Wal-Mart
- Target
- Forever 21
- Thrift stores
- Vintage Stores
- Ross
because everytime they do... I feel like they know. They know what it's like to get excitd over an accessory. They know what it's like to not be rich. They know what it's like to value a dollar. They know how I feel. I tell Joe all the time, "Man, if I met that girl, we'd have so much fun together and we'd be immediate best friends."

But, when I read fashion blogs, sometimes I day dream... I dream about what it'd be like to have a wall full of shoes. I dream about having the perfect pair of skinny jeans and not feeling bad about the cost. I dream about my next thrift store junket...

But for now... I'm a realista-fashionista-teacherista :o)

Umbrella earrings- $5.99 @ Target
Scarf- less than $5 on eBay
Grey burnout tank- $7 on clearance @ Target
Wedding ring- priceless... <3 my husband LOTS!

~Get your fashion on~
Jana Faith


april said...

i think the same thing about bloggers too...i think we are gonna have fun shopping together!

Jana Faith said...

Oh, how exciting! I'm glad to read that. Thanks for the comment! :o)

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