Monday, April 8, 2013

BlissDom 2013 in Pictures

I need to take more pictures. I suck at taking pictures. BlissDom taught me I need to take more... so enjoy my BlissDom experience in photos. (note to self: TAKE MORE PICTURES)
 photo 7615c367-0f1e-433e-93c3-2342b056ae1a_zpse7449878.jpg
Bits and pieces from The Gaylord Texan
That 'Swag Bag' was FULL to the brim. The BlissDom sponsors really know how to spoil a blogger.

  photo BlissDom13Collage1_zps39b4faac.jpg
Top: 1) Mandy, Meg, Heather 2) Meg 3) Heather
Bottom: 1) Neely 2) Traci 3) Crafty GoGoSqueez goodness

Can I just say- I la-la-LOVED meeting Heather? Here's what a simple person I am- I was apparently meeting all these H-U-G-E bloggers and had no idea what was happening... I was just so excited to meet my blogging best friend. Someone asked, "Did you meet Lisa?" My response- "Maybe". Shame on me for not knowing who she is. Kiiiiiiiiiiiind of a big deal.

 photo b0404288-ada8-4c67-bdc8-3431a8a07760_zps345d05d9.jpg
1) Alli Worthington 2) Kelly 3) Beth 4) Nancy
 Let me just say - Kelly and Beth totally took it in stride when I completely geeked out about the two of them. I can guarantee you they are both warm, friendly, and genuine. Plus, they didn't act like I was a crazy lady for having my own spaztastic moment. I literally gasped when I saw Kelly in the Handmade Marketplace. Not only is she fashionable, she is SOOOOOO nice! And Beth- I knew who she was - but not from her blog. She's one of the first Instagram stores I started following. She likes vintage, which means I like her.

 photo 26f4f8be-a678-4892-9cd8-5bb65ad96c2a_zpsdea67597.jpg
1) Ashley   The only other Oklahoma blogger I knew... 2) Danica  (so friendly) 3) Kate (have you pinned her? I'm the dork who said, "Oh my gawsh, I've pinned you!)

Inspirational Authors? 
Each speaker I heard was credible, taught me something, and most importantly, blessed my heart.

 photo 90a2e4f1-aa53-480c-9699-3a526b011ab7_zpsf9aea9d3.jpg
Jeff Goins - Check out his book Wrecked

Celebrities? You want Celebrities? 
 Check, check, and double check.
Blissdom Conference 2013
Heather, Me, Stephanie, Chris Mann (from NBC's The Voice), Amber P. Riley (of glee fame), Ashley, and Whitney

Blissdom Conference 2013
Oh hey- have you met my homie, Elton, oops, I mean, Jeremy Sisto?  
Here's  a cool story:
Jeremy: What's your blog?
Me: Every Day is Your Runway
Jeremy: Cool. Fashion?
Me: Yes!
Maybe not the coolest story, but it's mine and I love it.
Not to be left out - I also met the incredibly, down-to-earth, genuine, funny Ana Gasteyer.  They are both on the ABC comedy, Suburgatory. It's witty. It's funny. And you should definitely check it out!

Lastly - the immense, unreal, awesome blogger swag I came home with. Companies continued to give, give, give. One of my favorites was the VO5 (hoping to get around to a review soonish)
 photo c159d85c-8205-442e-889b-d9564c6c2d6f_zps3b38083e.jpg

After seeing all this, you want to go too, right? BlissDom was a whirlwind of excitement and I hope I get the opportunity to go again.

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Meg O. said...

Love this post!! I miss Blissdom so much. :(

Jess said...

Ooooooh how neat! It's funny how you wrote about not taking enough photos on your post and I wrote about taking too many, haha.

Thanks so much about the comment about where replies are going. I have done just what the post has said =]

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Hello. :) I just found your blog from The Life of Bon and I'm so happy I did!
I want to go to Blissdom so badly! I love seeing everyone's updates and I'm hoping to make it next year. You are so silly when you described gasping when you saw your favorite bloggers because I have done the same! Lol I just try to contain my emotional but it's always exciting!
I can't wait to read more posts from you!
Have a beautiful day,
Love Sparkle Pretty

Jessica said...

Hey Jana! New reader here! Looks like you had a great time at Blissdom. :)

Kim Nickell said...

OMG!!!! You met George Altman & Sheila Shay from Suburgatory!!!!!! Jealous. I love that show.

bonbon said...

Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun. I would love to do something like that but never feel like I can justify it for some reason. And I totally sympathize with you on the taking pictures thing- it is such a pain in the butt. I am the worst at it!

Julie Marie said...

so jealous!! looks like it was so much fun... and all the celebs! wow =) and you have the friendliest smile. I love it =)

Elsha said...

How fancy are you?! And I am not ashamed to admit that I am obsessed with Glee:) you look adorable and I'm envying your swag bag

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