Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter OOTD: Where I bought my affordable dress

 photo a67af8d6-a3af-4c12-9b14-3f87467faf24_zps90573643.jpg
 Something about Easter makes everyone need a new dress...
Mine came from Ross. If you don't have a Ross Dress for Less where you live... well what's the point of living. Okay, so that's quite dramatic. But seriously...

My mom got this little polka-dot beaut for me at the amazingly low price of $14.99. My tights came from Target and give the outfit the springy pop of color it needs. And so as not to disappoint- my shoes are thrifted. Naturally. Oooh...not to be left out, my uber glitteriffic clutch: Target by way of Goodwill. I popped some tags and I'm proud.

 photo b3ff2c88-4be6-4fe3-8f50-c5ae697106e2_zpsf1087988.jpg

 photo c4e82065-44c6-40f8-9564-e5df8668da58_zpsed02dae5.jpg

 photo 1446e64d-e1f8-4fa1-a3dc-6cfec0b3245e_zps3a3db801.jpg

 photo 50cd7fe9-9f9a-4982-b6bc-1648b3842969_zps1ff3618a.jpg

 photo e4ebb0d6-1807-467f-b998-3f73a9103086_zpsa70def0b.jpg

A special thanks to my incredibly, talented photographer, my husband. Thanks for knowing which side my good side. Love you.

Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Jodi said...

Cute dress! I had those same tights from Target. I wore them w/ a black sweater dress this winter!

Jess said...

This outfit is too cute! I haven't been to Ross in forever, but girl YESSSSS! I always get my dress fix from them, except that now I'm a size 2 and...well they don't really carry a lot of those :/. Pop dem tags! I met a guy who had his own "Thrift Thursday," and I'm in trouble, because now I go thrifting every Thursday. =] I love how fun you make your photos =].

Let me also say, "LUCKY!" It was raining and grey and 45 degrees here for Easter *sighhhh

Julie Marie said...

you are so adorable... i love your polka dot dress AND your tights... and im so jealous you live by a Ross! Whenever i go on a trip, i hit up ROSS! =)

Anonymous said...

Yup. I love Ross as well. We normally get shoes there.. :) And i do love your dress! I think I want to go there soon and look for sneakers and something cute to wear on my 30th birthday!

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