Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm a Winner, Baby!

I am a lucky duck! And it's all thanks to Sheena over at A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy.  


She hooked a girl up! I entered to win some lip gloss.... but look at the loot she sent my way! Thanks for making my day special and making me smile. 


Aren't those mustache magnets the cutest ever?! What a nice surprise!

She has great style and writes fun if you've never checked her out.... what are you waiting for?! Sheena at A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

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In other news....*but still slightly related* everyone knows I'm a garage sale, thrift store lady. Check out this outfit of the day! (How the heck is that related? I'll tell ya'. I'm wearing the lipgloss I won from Sheena. It's lightly pigmented and super glittery when you're up close. It's by Revlon and I'm a fan. It smells nice and has a slightly sweet taste to it. It's comparable to the lipgloss I usually get at Bath and Body Works. )

(Sidenote: I'm a lil obsessed with this there are a lot  too many  a crapload of pictures. Please forgive me for my vanity. But be honest, it's got to be at least one of the reasons you hang around, right?) 

Gratuitous serious fashion blogger face

(The real me- my husband seriously takes the best photos. Be jealous)

A lil' sass


I look like I just found out I won the Mrs. America Pageant...




Infamous Blooper
(You'd notice if it wasn't here )

Now for the details:
Shoes: Thrifted "Tory Burch Knockoffs"
Skirt: $1 at a garage sale!
Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: (???? beats me!)
Necklace: $1 at $1 Jewelry Store
Bracelets: $.75 for all three

My teacher friend said, "I have the urge to sing Good Morning Starshine for some reason." Perhaps it's this super groovy skirt?!

Get your fashion on!



Sheena Rae said...

I can't believe you got it so fast! WOW!

Alyse Driskill said...

That skirt is the bomb, I love it!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

that is one awesome skirt! and it is always so great to wina giveawy

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Hahahaha oh Ms. Jana Faith - you crack. me. up! "You'd notice it if it wasn't here." SO RIGHT! I'm scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, thinking, "where's her signature pose?" and then there it was, and all was right with the world :)

Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen said...

hahahaha Those faces just had me going! Congrats on winning some loot! Those mustache magnets are adorable!

Lauren Sebestyen said...

That skirt is amazing! The colors are great and that cut is very flattering on you!

Jana Faith said...

Hey lady! I'm so glad you like it and I LOVE that visited again. I need to text you, like, yesterday!

Jana Faith said...

Thanks! I appreciate it. I was so surprised it fit.

Emily Elizabeth said...

This outfit totally rocks!!! That skirt is fabulous. I am for sure jealous!

♥ Em

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