Monday, August 19, 2013

Don't revoke my fashionista license... I bought Crocs

 photo 8d0cde2d-2bc2-4623-889b-3862d873357c_zpsea776cea.jpg
I know what you're thinking. I thought it too. Gone are the days that Crocs look like gnome shoes.

At my teacher-friend's request, I went with her to exchange a pair of Crocs. She said not to make fun of her shoes because they were Crocs. I truly had to bite my tongue. Once I saw the shoes I couldn't believe they weren't hideous. As a matter of fact, they were cute, kind of like jellies. And when I slipped them on... whoa momma. They were comfy! Perfect for teaching first graders. Within three days I had two pairs of my own: one black and one brown.

 photo 024_zpsdd6f4893.jpg

 photo 4859cf84-e2fe-4b9a-82ed-4aa3afe8cf31_zpsce567777.jpg

Standard Fit Audrina
 photo CrocsCollage_zps6c8bfd14.jpg

Please ignore price tags. The reason they're pictured is so you can get the information you want in case you decide to get your own. When I bought mine they were buy one get one half off so the price was fair, especially for a pair of comfortable shoes I'll wear often.

 photo 73c2459c-80ca-410f-b2bc-fcbd4405f909_zps01b2bc90.jpg

 photo c87afff6-f058-4345-919f-55421d2cbe99_zps3365b99d.jpg

Women's Huarache Flat

For warm weather shoes, these are practical and supportive. As far as cold weather options, Crocs still have a way to go.

After seeing some of the more fashion forward options...

Would YOU buy a pair of Crocs?

This post was in no way sponsored. All opinions are my own.
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Elyse said...

I would if they looked like that! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute! I need a new pair of Crocs so much. I have neuropathy so it feels great on my feet!

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