Thursday, August 15, 2013

How putting on a "costume" changed my attitude

As of today, school officially starts in seven sleeps. And without fail, my back-to-school jitters are kicking in. By nature I'm a bit of a worrier and this year is no exception. Each year I get jitters just like my first grade darlings and it's to be expected after a summer of carefree fun and fashion. The way I dress in summer and the way I dress during the school year... I feel like I'm not the same lady and the clothes come from a costume closet. 

 photo 052_zps8bd3d87f.jpg

Here's an interesting tidbit about me...Some days I have to put on a teacher 'costume'.  My college professors were worried I wouldn't speak loudly enough and I would struggle with management. But I found a trick... if I dress like a teacher, I act like a teacher.

My first year of teaching was less than ideal. In fact, I struggled with classroom management (aka student behavior).  One little tweak in my wardrobe helped change my attitude. Instead of wearing whatever fun clothes I wanted, I began dressing professionally. I immediately noticed a positive change in my behavior and my students' behavior. Although many early childhood teachers advise against dressing up my philosophy is: clothes are washable.
 photo b84062d3-7fba-4405-842b-1d5f654a5ad5_zps8dd0ccf2.jpg
(Also, do not judge the clothes on the floor behind me. I like to keep it real, people)

I usually start the year off strong and always dress professionally for conferences, meet the teacher, and anything dealing with parents. Throughout the year, I integrate my fun clothes but much like Miss Nelson from Miss Nelson is Missing... I have my alter-ego for when my darlings get out of hand. Shhhhh.... help me keep it a secret. Otherwise this trick may lose its magic.

For now, my teacher clothes are still in the closet... So enjoy some summertime Jana. I like her wardrobe more than Mrs. C's.
 photo 033_zpsa46dda66.jpg

 photo 046_zps48b1c315.jpg

 photo 036_zps779e1665.jpg

 photo 038_zps542ec806.jpg

 photo 055_zps57df860c.jpg
Get Your Fashion On, Jana Faith


Anonymous said...

I call them grown up clothes. Ha. But you look beautiful in them.
I just got clothing that make me look my age... makes me finally feel pretty!

But once you come home remember you are still you! :)

Optickart said...

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