Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bucket List

Okay, I don't really consider myself tech-savvy but I'm pleased to point out the new blog header. You like? I made it myself! No hired help or anything! Yay me! Special shout out to Tristen at Totally Booked Solid & her awesome hubby for their help. Not to be left out or forgotten, another special shout out to the love of my life for putting up with me when I got cranky trying to figure this out. Love you!

If you're interested in making your own header or facebook photo, this is the tutorial I used. She is great!

I was thinking last night about the things I'd like to do before I "kick the bucket". Is that how that saying goes? I don't know. You know, when I get to go to Heaven and see Jesus... kick the can? Oh well...

Do you have a bucket list? I keep thinking of little things I wanna do... this list is not inclusive but it's a start.
1. Comic Con with my husband
2. Visit New York
3. Visit England
4. Visit Spain
5. Build our own Tardis replica
6. Donate my hair to Locks of Love (it's getting pretty long now, so this one should be easy)

Get your fashion on
<3 Jana Faith <3


Totally Booked Solid said...

thanks for the shout you know we are always there for you chicka .. I started a bucket list on pinterest ... comic con would be sooo fun

Kim said...

Your bucket list is HILARIOUS. And as someone who has been to Comic con, i will say it is definitely worth a spot on a bucket list! I want to go camping at Yosemite. That is on my list.

Jana Faith said...

Husband and I were going to try to go to Comic Con for our honeymoon but tickets sold out SO QUICKLY! And camping makes for good memories. :o)

Jana Faith said...

I've seen your bucket list, girl. Very Tristen-appropriate. ;o)

Misfit Librarian said...

Good start to your list! I hope you get to do everything on it and more!

I've actually done four of your six (Five if you don't count going to New York Comic Con).

Jana Faith said...

Wow! Thanks for the comment. How fortunate to have done those things. Thanks for stopping by!

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