Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day DIY

Hooray for the red, white, & blue! I am a fan of America and thankful for the men & women who protect it. 

But when it comes to "fashionable" patriotic clothing...I've always struggled with that color combo. Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired by this photo - - - (sweet etsy lady is charging $35 for these shorts.... I'm a little more frugal.... a.k.a "cheap")

So here's my longer, more Jana-friendly version step by step. Enjoy!

1. Start with some thrifted jeans. Bet you could find some even cheaper. 

2. I used cheapo masking tape from probably Dollar Tree. I taped off a vertical section to make the red stripes. 

3. Paint red stripes. I ended up having to paint a few layers to make it show up properly. 

4. I free handed some gold stars with my gold paint pen. If you're uncomfortable with your star drawing ability, you can always make a template for a star to trace. 

5. Paint with white inside the gold outlines and kinda cover those up as you go along... and here's some proof I'm doing this myself. :o) 

6. Let it dry...

7. Take the paint off once it's dry. I think I'm going to let these sit a day. I'm probably going to go back and do some "distressing" on them with my cheese grater. (Who knew you could use it for that?!) I might also go back and paint in between the red stripes with white. 


Edit: 8. I decided to go ahead and paint the white stripes. My paint is splotchy so I'm going to do a couple more layers. Heads up, the more layers you make, the more stiff your pants become.


I'm pretty excited about wearing these. I plan to wear them out and about. The big "debut" will be on Memorial Day at my family reunion. I debated with myself about making these because I was a little worried I might offend someone...but please know, that's not my heart. I hope you enjoy and have a delightful holiday weekend. Thanks so much for reading. I absolutely love having friends who are readers, new readers, getting comment, and seeing that little ticker move up. Such a fun hobby this is!

Have fun and as always,
Get your fashion on
<3 Jana Faith <3

Thanks a million for letting me link up through your blog


Lindsay said...

I absolutely love this idea! What a fun festive piece! Great job!

Jana Faith said...

Thanks so much! :o)

Michele said...

Hi Jana ~ You have a beautiful name of "Faith" that is awesome. Also, very creative with your clothes, nice job.

Pearl 13.1

Jana Faith said...

How sweet are you?! Thanks. Heading over to Pearl 13.1 right now!

Kim said...

I would definitely say you nailed it.. and saved $30! Can't wait to see what you do with that money! :D

Jana Faith said...

Kim, thanks for reading! Hopin do to some painting this summer with the $30... I'll keep you posted.

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