Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Geek in Me

Hello, my name is Jana and I'm a geek. This is a term I accept but haven't always acknowledged. I've always known I was different from other people but thanks to Pinterest, I've been able to identify some more "geeky" areas of my life.  I'd also like to blame this on my Mister. I had geeky-leanings before I knew him but since he's come into my life I've been blessed to become more knowledgeable in these areas. Wanna know more? Read on!

In case you didn't already know, I'm a Hello Kitty fan. I'm also a Doctor Who fan. River Song is hardcore. Spoilers, sweetie. Spoilers. 

When I find a fellow fan - I feel like this girl.

I could continue with Whovian items - but if that's your thing - you should visit here. My geekdom is not limited to the Doctor. It also includes Star Wars.... this costume is right up my alley.

Yes, I plan to subject our future children to this.
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Don't worry though, because I already wore a Leia costume. Check it out!

And our wedding cake topper was a Han and Leia kokeshi doll set we purchased from Etsy

Doctor Who, Star Wars, and of course - Batman cannot be forgotten!

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Let's be honest though - I like fashion that's not quite "main-stream" and I'm okay with that. I've always been fascinated with different. 

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Why keep your inner geek a secret? Let your "freak flag" fly, so to speak.

Get your fashion on!



Leigh said...

I totally feel you on finding Nother Whovian!! I get so excited, I feel like a borderline crazy pants. Haha! And I love your cake topper too!!! So cute!

Jess said...

Oh goodness I just love your posts. I'm definitely a huge geek, but that's very much apparent on my tumblr. I keep my geekiness to a minimum on my blogger even though I put up a huge amount of photos of when I went to Dragoncon =]. I don't watch Doctor Who, but I do understand fandoms.

Emily Elizabeth said...

That baby outfit is soooo cute!!

Jana Faith said...

I'm so glad you enjoy them! I didn't even know I was a geek until recently but I'm embracing it. Dragoncon? Comiccon but medieval?

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