Monday, November 26, 2012

Why I like First Graders...

Hi. My name is Jana and I'm theatrical. It's also a reason kids appeal to me.

 Here is a dramatized scene I'll re-enact for you from my classroom today:

Mind you, I could not contain the giggles. Not even a little. And then, I had to tell the small friend, "Sir, I am not at all surprised you don't like to walk. Running fits your personality better anyway."

If you've never enjoyed Kid Snippets, you've been missing out on what life has to offer. I feel like this girl 4 out of 5 days a week. Enjoy!

Also- one of my budding fashionistas told her mom she had to have black boots like her teacher's. Guess what? She now has black boots similar to mine. Changing the word - one fashionista and one runner at a time. Love my firsties!

Get your fashion on ...



Jess said...

Haha that is too funny. I love how patient the girl in the second video stayed with the other. Me at that age would've just said, "Forget it!"

Jana Faith said...

Oh Miss Jess - that video is something else! Those Kid Shorts kill me every time. Plus- that second video completely captures how I feel many days when trying to teach math. Gotta love the little ones!

crayolajennie said...

Oh my gosh!!! Both videos are good but that second one is so true! I totally do that finger wiggling thing and mouthing the number in hopes of them reading my lips and... it is just good! I will have to look into Kid Snippets again.

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