Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pin me something good!

I can ALWAYS find something good on Pinterest!

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

So - - - I'm not the only one then??? 
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Makes me so happy *smiles*

To go with my fancy shoes

One of my little first grade darlings got a Hello Kitty hat for her birthday recently. When asked to take it off- she said, "Why can't I wear my hat inside?" My response, "Oh honey, if we could wear hats to school, I would have a cute hat on every day of the week to go with my outfits but we can't. So... take that super cute Hello Kitty hat off. Sorry, Charlie". And these hats would be some of the hats I'd wear. 

Very good advice: 

 Get your fashion on...


Anonymous said...

Oh i love the last one. It fits so well in my family situation!

Sheena Rae said...

OMG, WebMD told me I probably had a brain tumor since I have had sinus trouble!

Lauren Sebestyen said...

I am sooo obsessed with Pinterest, what is your user name I'll follow you :)

Jana Faith said...

Ack! That's horrifying. Web MD always leads us to the worst conclusion/outcome, right?!

Jana Faith said...

It's a head lesson to learn. Hope your situation turns out for the best.

Jana Faith said...

I think it's jcoatney and I am utterly obsessed. Easy to see in my over 3000 pins. If you visit the blog from a desktop there should be a link to my Pinterest.

Jess said...

Oh my gosh I have a pair of tap shoes that look like the top picture and sometimes I wish they didn't have taps on them so I could wear them with my outfits, haha. And ah yes...silly rules like no hats at school PISH POSH!

Jana Faith said...

Tap shoes are fun and it's funny because kids at school always tell me my shoes look like tap shoes.

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