Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stuff that's okay...

Linking up with Neelykins for It's Okay Thursday.

These things are all more than okay with me: 
  • That I've felt completely blog-ily uninspired lately.
  • I came home and ate a Kit-Kat and I want another fiftyhundred to go down my gullet.
  • I've already had two Dr. Peppers today.
  • I didn't think of my Halloween costume until the night before Halloween. 
 Tinkerbell =/= Angel 
 Translation: Tinkerbell does NOT equal an Angel

  • It's okay that I wore this to school on Halloween
  •  It's okay to be uncertain about how "writing" is a spiritual gift, but hope I can find a way to use it anyway.
  • It's okay to have second thoughts/ jitters about Blissdom. 
  • It's okay to be exhausted after a day of teaching 20 beautiful children.
  • It's okay to be annoyed that someone wants you to decorate with spider webs AFTER Halloween is over. Give me a BREAK!
  •   That I wore this completely thrifted outfit to school today:

Chambray Shirt - $3.99
Plaid Skirt - $3.99
Thrifted Vintage Shoes - $3.98
Belt- $.99
Garage Saled Bracelet - $1.00 

Posing like I have to go to the bathroom: Priceless

Realizing there is a trashy plastic bag in your photo shoot - even priceless-er-er 

  •  It's okay to be crazy-in-love with my husband even when some people are bitter. 
  • It's okay to think my iPhone 4 is the greatest thing ever!
  • It's okay to laugh at Hurricane Sandy's tweets. (She was really missed out if you didn't read her stuff.) And on a serious note: my sympathies go out to all my blog friends and people affected by the storm.
  • And lastly, it's okay that I used to be pretty crazy about politics but this years' election makes me want to crawl under a ROCK til it's over.  Eep. So not like me.

Its Ok Thursdays

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Lauren Sebestyen said...

Lovin the thrifted outfit! Looks great!

Jess said...

This link up is a great idea. I love how cute you are in your outfit photos!I also need to start thrifting where you're thrifting! Those pieces are wonderful.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ahh did I miss an announcement?!?!? Are you going to Blissdom?!?! Are we about to become IRL friends?!?!

kateprs said...

Your pictures are so fun! I can't help but smile! Love the outfit too!

Kate @ A Journey in Style

Becca Acker said...

That is a CUTE thrifted outfit! So so cute!

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Jana Faith said...

Thanks, Becca. I really liked it, too.

Jana Faith said...

Thank you so much!

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