Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unrelatable me

I have gobs of wonderful friends. True story. I've been so incredibly blessed to have friends who are true blue, take-me-as-I-am friends for a very long time. With that being said.... I am also thankful for the blogging community. Even though my blog is almost 3 years old, I feel like I'm a rookie when it comes to blog knowledge. I've often thought, "No one understands how awesome [this or that or whatever...fill in the blank] is!" Whether it's clothing designers, name brands, thrifting, finding cool stuff, outfit design/culmination, etc.... when sharing these things with my friends, I feel like a big ole crazy woman. I get a blank stare. Mind you, most of my incredible friends try  to understand. They try  really hard. Some of them just listen.

My sweet husband is insanely, incredibly, mind-blowingly passionate about music. Here's an example:
Husband: "Do you hear how compressed those guitars are?"
Me: (straining to be a good wife and hear it) "No???"
Husband: "Really? You can't tell a difference between these guitars and these guitars?"
Me: (still trying really hard to hear it...) "No???"

Seriously, that man is the most beautiful person to me. Thankfully, he indulges me every time I go shopping. "Hey, show me the pretties you got. I wanna see those treasures!" What a great husband I have! He's so dear to my heart ...and just like I don't hear compressed guitars and "feel like I'm sitting on a rooftop at night" (He said that about a Flaming Lips song), he doesn't know who Tory Burch is and doesn't get excited to know that a boxy top needs to be paired with fitted pants. Don't get me wrong, he knows about t-strap shoes, ballet flats, and who Betsey Johnson is. He knows these things because he loves me.

He loves me enough to tell me when there's lipstick on my teeth at the dance recital.

When I go thrifting, I take forever. I find treasures. I find gold. I love the hunt. Paying 49 cents for a shirt I love is something I get so excited about. Finding weird, kitschy mushroom cups and dainty teacups for rock-bottom prices gets my blood pumping. Asian men, who are probably Buddhas but I renamed "Happy Christians", ya'll get it. I feel like somewhere in the blogosphere there is a person who knows what I'm talkin' 'bout! When I feel like it's a little odd to be a Christian girl who saved herself for marriage, there's another Christian blogger who will give me an Amen! When I wanna have 5 pairs of black pants because they all have a different silhouette? Someone in the blog world doesn't think that's excessive. When I feel like I'm upset because someone is freakin' glued to their stupid phone and won't be present with who they're with.... ya'll know. When I get the urge to turn my house upside down with a re-decorating project, it's just fine because you've already done it. When I feel like a giganto truck because I love to eat rolls at Logan's Roadhouse, there's someone with a self-acceptance blog to make me realize, I'm pretty. When I'm the ONLY person I know my age who is crazy-in-love with Shabby Chic, there's a blogger out there who shares the love.

Happy Christians, Yes, they're converted... ;o)

What I'm trying to say is... Thank you. Thank you for being people who know. You make my world better. I feel a little less weird-girl. A little less unrelatable.

Get your fashion on
<3Jana Faith <3

(Dear real life friends, don't be mad. I love you immensely. You took me for me before I had a blog and for're the BEST)


Emily Terrell said...

What a wonderful blog post. I feel the same way, especially now that I've moved away from all those friends and family. (A year in August!) It gets very lonely when you work/go to school from home, in a new (tiny) town. But, being surrounded by the blog world and all the wonderful people makes each day up here totally worth it ♥

Jana Faith said...

Thank you. Truly, I thank you. I wish you the best in your new town and I enjoy reading your blog.
p.s. Not gonna lie, I got a little teary-eyed with your comment. Blogger love to you.

Lara said...

Love your convo with your hubby about the guitars. The sad thing is, I AM a musician, too, but my husband is 100 times the musician I am, and we have those conversations all the time. :)

And I must say, blogging saved me from a horrible depression when I lived in an awful place for three years. I don't have to rely on it as much now, but I think it's amazing.

Corina.:Lynn said...

This post was amazing! I started Blogging a few months ago for that escape. I moved to a new town and just didn't feel like I could find my "place" there. It was hard, and then I turned to blogging, and it seriously made all the difference. and even though I no longer live there, and am back closer to family and friends, it still makes the difference! It is so nice to have people on here who can relate, and people you don't know who will take the time to leave you a sweet message! Makes you think that People in this world aren't as bad as everyone says they are (as for the saving yourself for marriage, That's amazing and I'm right there with you sista!)

Totally Booked Solid said...

You know as your Real life friend .. I love your eclectic taste ... how many times I said this is such a Jana thing . Love you girl and your wonderful unique self ... so glad you married a guy who likes your quirky self :)

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