Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Golly, there's a Giveaway!

Only two more Mondays until Christmas Break for this fashionista teacherista! And.... in other exciting news, there's a GIVEAWAY happening. I know all you gals in blogland love giveaways.... Oh, and how could I possibly have forgotten! I'm guesting over at Tea Tree Vintage today!


My sweet and hilarious blog friend Heather at Cookies for Breakfast is hosting a giveaway for this sah-weet necklace, pictured above. But seriously, if you don't already follow this chick you're missing out. She blogs about Benjamin (her adorable son), life, does product reviews, gets crafty, and she does it all with hilarity and snarky wit. Go check her out!

While you're there, enter my giveaway and then when you've got that wrapped up... head over to see my Pinterest-project at Tea Tree Vintage! I know you'll love Emily, too. She's so sweet and into vintage goodness. She's got a fun Etsy store, a pretty kitty, and recently graduated college! Holla!

To enter: Visit Cookies for Breakfast and enter!
Also - Read my guest post at Tea Tree Vintage

Get your fashion on and GOOD LUCK!


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