Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to Midnight- aka New Year's Resolutions...

Hello, I'm Jana and I'm an addict. 
Say whaaaaat?! 


Yeah. I am. I have a secret that's not so secret. I'm addicted to clothing. I have too many freaking clothes and it's running my life. I'm so over feeling overwhelmed with clothing clutter. I'm tired of resenting my clothing. Yes, I'm sort of a fashion blogger.... but this chaos is. not. worth. it! 

Earlier today I thought about doing a video tour of my home so you could see...and then I thought, "That's more embarrassment than I can handle!" Truth be told, all this mess is not my husband's doing. Actually, most of it's mine. All mine. So.....

I'm on Christmas Break. Winter Break. Whatever you wanna call it. I have one week to get this ridiculousness under control. It's Saturday and I've done laundry literally from the time I got out of bed at 10 until now 8:17 p.m. and there is still laundry in the washer, dryer, and on the floor of my bedroom. DUUUUUUUMB! That's not normal. I don't have children so what is my excuse?!

Here are things I said today that are weird:
- I have five pairs of "sick socks". 
- I've had this shirt since I was 12.
- I have to keep these shorts from Color Guard (aka when I was 14)
-  This drawer won't shut
- I know these pants are ugly but they're so comfortable

 Boo. On all of this.
If the drawer it belongs in won't close: re-evaluate. That includes the undergarments drawer, the t-shirt drawer, the pj pants drawer, the miscellaneous drawer and then don't stop!

Seriously... That grandma sweater?! Hideous, Jana Faith. What. Were. You. Thinking?! The camo green skirt that makes you look like you have an elephant rear? No. Get rid of that monstrosity. The random Berkeley sweatshirt your mom got you from a flea market.... you never wear that. Your mom does not live in a sweatshirt. Your sentimental stuff is not clothing! STOP THE INSANITY! 

(Plus, I'm supposed to go thrifting with my niece this week and I can't justify getting new stuff if the old stuff is making me cranky)

My Basic Clothing Purge Rules:
  1.  The drawer must be able to close. If it can't: re-evaluate
  2. How do you feel when you look at it? Do you feel happy?
    Do you feel like you should get rid of it?
    Does the item make you feel confident?
  3. How long has it been since you wore it last?
  4. Do you have several items you can wear it with?
  5. Are there multiples of this?
    I mean, do you have 6 pairs of black pants?
    Do you have 4 v-neck white t shirts?
  6. Be honest with yourself.
    You might have been a t-shirt an jeans gal once upon a time ago, but are you still that lady?

Lastly, the best part about cleaning out this clothing situation is: I MAKE MOOLAH! Say it again: MONEY! When I take my clothes to the consignment store I most enjoy frequenting, I get money back. That makes me a happy camper. Who doesn't love making money from their old stuff?! Just the other day I had $41.33 on my account and THAT makes me smile.... *grinning now* 

This too shall pass. I'm making new habits in 2013. I'm making better habits. I am going to de-clutter. De-stress. And my closet  and laundry pile will no longer be a source of resentment.There won't be a mountain of laundry.

Get your fashion on! 

p.s. "Sick Socks" are the socks I wear when I'm sick. Maybe it's gross, but sometimes I put Vick's vaporub on my feet and wear my "sick socks" to bed. It HELPS! Try it some time. ;o) 


Angie said...

Good luck in your venture! I'm a clutter bug when it comes to clothes too. For some reason that is the one thing I have the hardest time purging!

BTW- I heard that about the Vicks before. I'm so going to try that next time I'm not feeling well

Jess said...

What a great post. I understand the want to hold onto clothing, but I've gotten really good at throwing things out the past couple of years =]. I have sick socks too! They are fuzzy and warm and have silly designs on them.

Also, your hair is gorgeous.

Jana Faith said...

Thanks for reading and empathizing over throwing things out. Today I was tempted to go rescue two pairs of what I had deemed as "mom jeans". Help me! It's a sickness! ;o)

And thanks about the hair.

Renée said...

Woohoo!! I bet that feels great, I have to clean out my closet like once a year.
I love that you said "your mom does not live in a sweatshirt" I do the same exact thing with things that people buy me. too funny.

Jess said...

I need to follow your rules! I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by the excessive amounts of stuff lately!

Jess - J's Style

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