Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday I'm in Love - # 2

Last Friday, I began a series about our Love Story. If you need to catch up click here. Part two isn't as 'happy' and sweet as part one. I'm having a hard time keeping motivation to write it. It's easier to write about happy things...The things you read today can only be explained in hindsight by this post.

Last you read, we'd gone on a date and it went well. We began talking on the phone often. He has a highly recognizable vehicle and I looked for it while driving around town. One day, I saw him and we both pulled over in a neighborhood, decided to go to the park and talk and walked around the track. Swung on the swings. Built a friendship. 

 21st Birthday 2004 - Sporting Pink Hair - I drank Dr. Pepper.

After a few months of talking, we had "the talk". The "What are we doing? Where is this going? How do we feel about one another? Are we a couple?" talk. You know that one... so, we're both pretty precious because we were quite shocked to find, after all the time we spent together, we both liked each other. WHAT?! How is it possible?!

We spent several months dating. Hanging out. Enjoying each others' company. Although I was happy and I knew I liked him, I had an unshakable feeling something wasn't right. I worried a lot and I did a decent job of pushing the worries to the back of my mind. I kept having a feeling, "we need to break up". 2012, he's my husband but at that time, I couldn't explain it. This feeling ate away at my happiness and made it hard to enjoy my time with Joe.... And finally, in June 2004, I broke up with him. :o( I didn't really feel any better. It didn't make life better. It didn't take away the anxiety. I continually worried AND I was stuck with the sadness of missing my best friend. I was stuck in the middle of "I like this guy" and "I can't be with him". 

I prayed constantly. I poured out my heart to Jesus. Constant requests to make things work for the best with Joe and I. Telling my Jesus I wanted to be with Joe and didn't understand my uneasiness. Begging, pleading, and feeling no better... Didn't understand why I needed to break up with Joe. 

July I went to Kids Kamp as a sponsor. I was gone a week and talked to Joe once a day in the evenings. I updated him on all the things that were going on in my heart. I updated him on how God was working in me. Somehow, Joe knew anyway.... he still knew my heart. But I still didn't feel the peace I wanted to be with Joe... this lasted too long....too long. Praise the Lord Joe is a patient man who knows what he wants. If you want to find out what happens next.... come back next Friday!

Get your fashion on and tune in next Friday for part 3

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Elsha said...

Hello Kitty! Cute! I love photos like this that show how innocent and young we all once were :) Beautiful story

Becca Acker said...

What happens next?!! haha I look forward to reading next Friday.

Renée said...

Can't wait to read more! Your hair in that picture is ADORABLE!

Erica said...

All relationships hit rough spots. You guys obviously pulled through, that's what happens when you are meant to be together. :)

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