Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I don't get it...

Every once and I while - I get a case of the snark. Snark can be snippy commentary. Generally, it's rare, but people who know me well get to see it. Today,  I'm sharing with my bloggy friends. Ya know I love ya, baby.

Mustaches- Why are they trendy? They are on everything. Socks. Straws. Wine Glass decals. Mugs. Shirts. Christmas ornaments. Cupcakes. For the love! Help a sistah out? I'm a girl. The last thing I want is a mustache. Really. The facial hair my husband has is enough to hold me over. 

Channing Tatum- I know I'm about to catch some flack for my distaste, but it's true. He's mediocre at best alright I guess, but it all seems so gratuitous. He's stinkin' everywhere on Pinterest. And people who know me in real life know I all but picketed the movie Magic Mike. Yucko. For those of you who disagree-
(insert gratuitous photo here)

This face that all females under 20 are making on Facebook:


Tell me ladies, who is being unimpressive? You? Or the World? Not cute. (snark snark) Just a heads up on that - when you get to be 29, like this ol' gal... you'll get wrinkles from making that face. I'm living proof.

Oh, and speaking of Facebook - - - are you following Every Day is Your Runway?
p.s. Can you see my pink-eye. Hooray for quarantine. *snark snark* 

When people don't like Taylor Swift. She is a nice girl. Admit it, her songs are catchy. We are never, ever getting back together? You know you've sung it. She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts? I am HER! Taylor, I love you. Even if you're more pop than country. Plus, you're constantly wearing sequins and glitter. How can people not like that? 
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Chalkboard Paint - It's cute. It's purposeful. The texture makes my teeth hurt. Something about that grit goes all through me and makes me feel sick. Strange as it may seem, this teacher does NOT do chalkboards. 

People's Chevron obsession - it's cute. Really. And like mustaches, it's on everything. Wall Art. Dresses. Tunics. Shoes. Scrapbook paper. Even blog backgrounds. But  if it's gonna stay around, let's call it what it is: Zig-Zag.

p.p.s. Just being silly. When you're quarantined due to pink eye - - you write stuff. Take it with a grain of salt.

Every Day is Your Runway ...



Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Haha. I agree with you on the mustaches. But that's about it! :) Not a Taylor Swift fan and think Channing is hot! :)

Jess said...

Oh gosh I agree. I've never liked Channing Tatum. I can see the physical appeal, but I need real actors in movies to enjoy them. Also, I laughed so hard at the "unimpressed Facebook pictures." I made a post on my Tumblr about this new hairdo that girls are doing where they just pile it on the top of their heads (not the "top knot" or "sloppy bun") and look so silly.

I HAVE to slightly disagree about Taylor Swift though. She and her producer (Scott douchebag Borchetta) were talking to us Audio Production students here in Nashville, and they were both highly delusional and a bit immature. BUT! I will have to say if I had kids I would most DEFINITELY want them to see her as a role model rather than the other young starlets out there (i.e. Miley Cyrus, Lindsday Lohan, Megan Fox).

OH GOSH! I didn't mean to make this a novel. I also replied to your comment on my post =D

Jana Faith said...

LOVING the "novel"! I've yet to see that type of hair here...but that means nothing. We're in the middle of the U.S. and it takes a while for trends to trickle here. And I agree on the Taylor Swift as a role model bit. I don't own any of her albums or anything, just as a fashionable, friendly person I like her. Interesting to read a perspective from someone who's actually interacted with her.

Becca Acker said...

Good for you for avoiding Magic Mike. I read about it and thought, really? A male striper movie? I sure wouldn't want my boyfriend watching that type of movie about girls.
Btw, that face thing- totally agreed! lol
And I've come to like Taylor Swift too. And people really should stop putting her down, agreed. :)

Sheena Rae said...

SO, I totally love T. Swift and this 25 year old is not afraid to admit it! I also think Channing is drool worth. I love me some chalk board paint and some chevron. :D

Renée said...

SO is it weird that I agree on every one of these? I read this out loud to my boyfriend and we had a good laugh. Especially about the chevron thing, too funny!

Jana Faith said...

Becca, great minds think alike. Magic Mike can go sit in the naughty corner with 50 Shades of Grey.

Jana Faith said...

Taylor Swift is sweet!

Becca Acker said...

lol agreed!

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