Thursday, September 13, 2012

Falling for Fall Trends

I started this blog as a "fashion blog".... and fashionable ladies everywhere are dying to know some trends that are coming up.... Here ya' have it! (Truth be told - my niece said she wanted to visit my blog for some Fall fashion tips.... here I was all unprepared and not knowing..... so now I share with thee.)
1. Mulberry lip colors

There are lots of places you can get your hands on this color - Revlon, L'Oreal, Elizabeth Arden, etc. I hear it's typically flattering for most people with the exception of folks with small lips. I hear it makes them look smaller.

2. Loafers - studded, suede, velveteen, printed,  all of the above...
 These are from Target and you can go buy your own for $24.99 here.

Available at Target for $19.99. I know how all the frugalista fashionistas love Target!

3.  This spring everyone was crazy for colored denim!  You're old favorites are back in darker shades.

 Spring 2012

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Fall 2012

4. Navy Blue is the new neutral.  
Whodda thunk it?! Also noteworthy- navy blue and black CAN be done together.

(Hey Heather... this is for you!) 
5. You CAN wear white after Labor Day - so long as it's Winter White!

6.  Printed pants carried over from summer. When cooler weather hits, them with heels and a contrasting print and you're set for work. 

As always - our old familiar favorites- scarves, boots, leggings, and cardigans - make the cut this year. So..... do you feel prepared and ultra trendy? I know I sure do! (much facetiousness I doth extend unto you....) But seriously... I know I'm going to be rocking the navy blue as a neutral and hopefully some loafersl. What trends are you ready/excited to try???

Get your fashion on....



Annmarie Pipa said...

oh y gosh. I wear flats b/c of my knees...could it possibly be true I may for one time be in style?!!!!
fun pics!

Alyse Driskill said...

I am so glad that you posted this! I needed conformation on the loafers, no joke. I want to get some really bad now! And printed jeans....oh my gosh do I want some printed jeans! Once I get a pair I'll have to send you a pic.
Your Neice!

Julie Marie said...

love. love. love your taste and style. i need some dark colored skinnies. i need some money first. haha

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