Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to score at a thrift store...

And I don't mean score with a boy...har har
Anyone who knows me IRL knows I'm a thrifter. Obviously not everyone lives in my area
Here are some tips to help you "score" no matter where you live.
(Still need to cut out the shoulder pads...)

Koosh ball - dominoes - book - all scores for my classroom! $1.25 for all the items pictured
  1. Go several times to make up your mind about whether it's a "good one" or not.
  2. Look at everything!
  3. Try on lots of things!
  4. Look up Thrift Stores in your area. Make a list. Hit them all. Not in the same day...
  5. Don't rush. Take. Your. Time.
  6. Go different times of year. Sometimes you'll find Christmas stuff in July. Sometimes you'll find Halloween stuff after Halloween. I find great sweaters and hoodies in summer. (Sometimes I don't buy them because winter attire makes me feel trapped. I should probably get over that...)
  7. You can get great stuff for those Pinterest Projects at thrift stores! (are you following my Pinterest?)

  8. Most thrift stores are not in the most savory parts of town. Try to go in the a.m. or early afternoon. 
  9. Look at things with open eyes. Think about whether you could alter the piece to make it work for you. I cut out shoulder pads. I had a friend hem a dress. With furniture and home decor - could you paint it? Is it a good shape for a redo? Don't box yourself in when looking at things. 
  10. Everything is washable. True story. If you only look for pristine, new stuff in thrift stores, tough nuggets people -odds are strong you won't find it.
  11. Sometimes you get lucky and find brand, spanking, new stuff - tags still on it - in thrift stores. Know what makes my heart skip a beat? Deadstock, vintage. Sometimes I find vintage with the tags still on it. 
  12. Lots of trends that are currently in Forever 21 can be found in thrift stores. Be aware of trends you see - "Jana, I don't have time for that!" Sure you do! If you follow blogs, there are lots of trends there. Observe magazine covers while standing in line at the grocery store. Without looking creepery, scope out what young folks are wearing. They're all about the trendy stuff.
  13. Look for things other than clothing -I've purchased books for my classroom, wall hangings for home, chairs to redo (still on my to do list), figurines for my home, music (records, cds, 8-tracks), amazing vintage dishes, etc. 
  14. Most thrift stores have a certain day of the week they put out new merchandise. If you're all about finding the new stuff, you can inquire about what days they put out new merchandise. 

Here are some of my recent scores from the thrift store...





Now that I own a vintage, denim vest - I'm an "official" fashion blogger, right?! ;o) 


Get your fashion on! 


Angie said...

I love thrifting and I LOVE that vest :)

LarasVintage said...

Great post! Thanks for linking up!

Crystal Taylor said...

Thank you for linking up!! I am one of the co-hosts over at Lara's Vintage!! :) Love! XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean blog

Alyse Driskill said...

Im so glad I read this! I'm scared of thrifting because I used to buy really hideous stuff and get home and be like "why in the world did I buy this?!" Then I just got too picky and didn't ever buy anything. So now I'm excited to go thrifting with these awesome new tips :) ill let you know how it goes once I get around to it haha

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