Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seven Questions

Linkedy doo dah linkedy day - linkin' up with Gentri today! (sung to the tune of Zippity doo dah)

 As per the ushze- - - a "funny photo" to kick it off. This photo is from our honeymoon in Nash-vegas. See how sweetly my husband humors me... haha

1. Do you have any weird food combinations that you love?
I'm a semi- picky eater. Odds are - if it doesn't belong together - I won't put it in my tummy.

2. Have you ever written a blog post, published it, then immediately deleted it?
Yes. Yes, I did that. (Sorry, husband) Ladies - ALWAYS run it by the husband/significant other before you click "Publish"

3. What is a hair style you wish you could pull off, but would never be brave enough to try?
I thought I was brave once. I thought I was Rihanna. Lesson Learned? Listen to your hair dresser when she says, "I don't think this will work for you."

It's not a matter of bravery... it's a matter of keeping my JOB! If we were allowed to have unnaturally colored hair...this is what I'd go with.......And I'd be happy as a clam. And I'd love it.....

But since I'm a teacher in real life - and unnaturally colored hair is "distracting" - - - this is what I'll settle for once can dye my hairs again...

Or this.... 
Can you tell I wanna be a ginger???

4. Would you rather have to always use the sun to tell the time or directions by the stars?
Urgh... since I stink at directions - I'd rather be able to see where I'm getting lost. Plus -when I don't get enough Vitamin D  I'm a bit of a sad sack. As beautiful as the stars are - I choose sun. I need the sun! If I don't have it - my mood wilts like a flower!

5. What is a fall trend that you are excited to try?
Um.... I have a tendency to make up my own trends. At this point - I'm unaware of any Fall trends other than the one I just read about on Gentri's blog. She mentioned something about Mulberry lips. Cool! Soooo...... I'm looking forward to being able to layer up a little. I always feel like I make better outfit combos when I can layer up.

6. Who is your style icon?
Funny you should ask! I just wrote a blog about how I heart Gwenny Gwen Stefani.
- Betsey Johnson
- Victoria Beckham
- and every lady from the Advanced Style series on youtube.

7. What's your favorite outdoor activity? 
Swimming and sitting. Recess duty. I try to avoid outside. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic. 

Getcho' fashi-own on!


Angie said...

I wanna be a red head to but my stylist says "Not Happening"

Erica said...

I always wished I had red hair. I used henna shampoo for a while to give it a hint of red which was fun, but have never been brave enough to officially dye it.

Jess said...

I want to be a ginger too!! :) I've found a shade of red that's probably more brown than red, but I want to try it. I've never dyed my hair though, so I'm more than a little nervous to actually commit to it...haha. Have you dyed your hair before?

Jess - J's Style

Gentri said...

I want to be just like those advanced style ladies!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos you shared for the hair question! I would want to try any and all of those styles and colors but I really wouldn't dare...I think. These pictures sent me off on a tangent and I just looked at multi colored hair pictures for like a half an hour. I'm slowly changing my decision haha! Hmm....maybe one day soon! Thanks for sharing : ]

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