Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's okay Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays

What is up with me and the song lyrics going with everything????

It's okay....
- that I just posted an old song that I sang obsessively... and learned from watching the Disney channel.

-  that my classroom isn't put together yet for this year.

- that we have a sink full of gross dishes.

- that I'd rather post on my blog than do dishes.

- I cried while watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight.

- if you don't answer texts back immediately. Some people aren't attached to their phone. 

- that I make weird bullet necklaces, even if I'm uncertain other people will like/wear them.

- if none of my other friends wear vintage clothes. 

-to think water is not delicious. 

- to think the two protesters that were at our teacher training today were slightly funny, even if they were standing up for what they believe in. 



Angie said...

I would always rather blog than wash dishes! Oh and I detest water. I think it's yucky!

Chelsea said...

I'd rather blog than do dishes any day :-)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

OMG i use to be obsessed with that song & totally forgot about it!!! ahhh love it! happy thursday love! xo Kelly

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