Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Laundry Monster

Time to get real, people....

I started laundry last night. I have been doing one load of laundry after another. All. Day. Long. 

In hindsight, a "Before" photo would have been beneficial. It also would have been embarrassing mortifying. We have a nice sized bedroom with a queen sized bed. The space around it is taken up with normal furniture, dresser drawers, bedside table, jewelry armoire. Normal stuff.  Except the built-in-floor-covering of dirty laundry. And it's all mine. Legit. All mine. The husband is amazing and does his laundry - so it's definitely not him. Just me. Call me Messy Bessy.

Here's the worst part. I've been off work all summer. Procrastinate much?

So - realizing there are only 13 12 days until I get to begin a new school year with my darlings - I said, "Holy Crap! What have I been doing with my life?!" And decided to tackle the "Laundry Monster" *cue ominous echo and deep voice for that * You see, the Monster lives in all rooms of our home... bedroom, laundry room, dining area, living room, office, bathroom....yeah. The only place it ISN'T - - - the kitchen. 

After FINALLY catching up - - - *pat myself on the back for conquering the beast* 

I have a bit of a situation...

These socks....



Where are their little friends? Good grief. And the top drawer - you know the one,... the *achem* unmentionables... - is F-U-L-L!

Random post. Because sometimes they're necessary. Plus, I can write what I want to here. :o)

Get your fashion on



Chelsea said...

Ah, best part of blogging.. the random posts, because it is our own space and we do what we want! HA :-)

Hair Extensions Australia said...

You never know how the reader reacts to your post but yea..there is a connection as everyone has similar joys and sorrow to share! When Life Gets Tough, the Tough Get to Work !!

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Bonnie said...

I keep trying to convince Mr. A that pretty girls don't do laundry. He isn't buying it.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

the lovebirds said...

ha ha! Yes you can- it is your blog after all. happy to have found it! xo

Tif said...

Girl...let me tell you I have A BAG FULL of socks that have no friend! What is up with that? LOL!

Following you now! YAY!
Ramblings of a Southern Belle

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