Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Try to take over the world!!!

I'm linking up with Bonnie over at Life of Bon. She says we can pretend we're the Boss of Everything and write about what it'd be like if we really were.

If I were the boss of everything-
aka - If I ran the world
Parents would read to their kids from the time they were in the womb until the kids want them stop.

People could eat without feeling guilty. Like - eat what you want - candy, carrots, broccoli, smarties, chocolate cake. Whatever. 

Reading would be easy to learn and kids and grownups wouldn't have dyslexia.

No one would ever have acne again.

And while we're at it - you can have whatever color of hair you want. (You can't see it well but I have pink hair here... *Le sigh* the good ole days)

No one would be homeless.

Nothing would ever stink. I hate coming home to an unidentifiable stinkle.

People would love and like each other.

No one would judge anyone on their tattoos or piercings or lack thereof. Which would mean I could get my nose pierced and it wouldn't be unprofessional. 

Laundry would fold and hang itself - a la Mary Poppins

 Everyone would have to be honest. And if they weren't - it'd be like, "Liar Liar, your pants are on fire!"

People would fall in love and make it work until death do them part. Because people would treat each other they way they want to be treated. And we'd all be happy. It wouldn't be a theoretical Golden Rule. It'd be reality.

Lastly, since I kinda loathe mornings - the world would start after 10 a.m. It'd be a happy medium for the early birds and the night owls.

Source: someecards.com via Jana on Pinterest

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bonbon said...

Love the laundry that folds and hangs itself! I think it'd be a dream come true! Thanks for linking up- I would love to be a part of a world that you ran!

Ashley Kristine said...

I totally agree about reading to kids. And I second what Bon said... the laundry thing would be amazing!
Newest follower, by the way :) Drop by and say hello!
Of Thoughts and Things

Nadine said...

haha this sounds like a pretty good world to me! I especially like the emphasis on reading. Well done.

Erica said...

This sounds AWESOME!! When are ya taking over??!!

Also, I'm with you 100% on the no stink rule. With two pups in my house I've got tons of unidentified and yet pungent odors that I could do without. Ick!

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