Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My diary screaming out loud

I keep meaning to take a picture. Mental note to self - "Take a picture on the first day of school with teacher next door." Whoopsies! Didn't happen. For now...this old photo will have to do.

Old School Love

New School love is the man behind the camera ...
I keep noticing the fancy jewelry I'm wearing with my too small garage sale tshirt. Gotta love it.

 Tales of a first grade teacher - Day 2: caught a cricket in a cup and let it go outside because my kids were distracted and worried I would kill it. Bravery comes at the strangest times.... This from the same girl who trapped a cricket under a cup when she first moved out.

"Teacher - you're pretty."
"I like your earrings."

It's the second day of school. My nose is runny. I can't breathe out my nose. My throat itches. Yep - - - school's back in session. 

I love first graders. They all want to hold my hand. When I said I am 29 they said, "Whoa - you're older than my mom!!!" Awesome. I'm a dinosaur at 29. lol 

A kid we'll call Poobah - well, his lunchbox was accidentally picked up by a kindergartener. Needless to say, the afternoon was sprinkled with, "When are we gonna get my lunch box? Where is my lunchbox? Who has my lunchbox? Can we go outside now? I need to have my lunchbox!" After the 12th time, it became funny and I could no longer contain the laughter. Poobah also hit a pushed another student today. When asked why, "Because she did it first and my momma told me to hit them back." Lovely. People, help a sister (aka a teacher) out and don't teach your kids to "do it back". They end up being the ones in trouble.

My outfit was weird today because I went with the comfortable shoes. They matched nothing Who cares?! My feet are tired.

Get your fashion on. I'll get around to a picture later...


Angie said...

Never a dull moment with kids!
Sorry, I am one of those bad momma's who teach "do it back too"
I'm holding my head in shame now!!!

Trisha said...

Hope you have a wonderful year!!


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