Thursday, August 23, 2012

The day after Hump Day - Thursday

Linking up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursdays....
Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...
- to still have questions about Common Core.
- to not know what to do with a Power Half Hour.
- to miss lazy summer. 
- to feel bad that the last thing your students saw was you getting on to them...
- to be sad to have a student move to another school after two days of getting to know them.
- to be exhausted by the 4th day of school.
- to be excited about Fall television.
- to use Google Translator to speak with you English Language Learners
- that I want to figure out how to make memories, teach curriculum, go deeper with understanding, and still love the crap out of all my students.... even if it seems next to impossible
- that my fashion blog turned into a diary of sorts. 
- to think "mini kisses from Santa's elves" is a stupid idea. SANTA DOESN'T BRING HIS ELVES WITH HIM! 

-to feel like this:
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

This about sums up my week. 

Get your fashion on


Sheena Rae said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Don't let common core stress you out! To be honest, I kinda feel like it's the same as the standards before and, yes, this unemployed teacher has lots of experience with CC! I did three leaves last year for a school, including having to make my own lessons for SUB PAY! SERIOUSLY! Can you say JOB DESERVING?! LOL

Priscilla said...

I love the humor and everything here! Great blog dear! I am now following you! Please follow me back!

Blow A Rainbow

Elsha Bodily said...

YAY for fall tv! I'm so excited for some of this seasons shows. And I totally feel for you on the moving student, when I was teaching in Russia my favorite moved while I was on vacation :( Never got to even say goodbye

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